Journalists work in printed or digital means of communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and internet (online journalism); in press offices; service providers, such as audio and video companies; in education and research as well as in the provision of services for public and private organizations.

1 23149-02 Digital Culture
23133-02 Aesthetics and History of Art
23148-02 Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Communication
2322Q-02 Fundamentals of Journalism
2322R-02 Geopolitics and Journalism
23135-02 History of Communication
2322U-02 Opinion Journalism
2320A-04 Journalism Laboratory
2322P-02 Journalistic Writing Laboratory
1214L-04 Portuguese I
2 23136-02 Community Communication
2323D-02 Fundamentals of Radio Journalism
2320D-02 History of Journalism
2322T-02 Sports Journalism
1214M-04 Portuguese II
2323B-04 Multimedia Editorial Production
2323C-02 Journalistic Writing
23150-02 Theories of Communication: Media and Information
3 23153-02 Communication and Culture in Brazil
2320M-02 Media Critique
2324X-10 Elective course
2323I-02 Photography
2323G-02 Fundamentals of Press Relations
2323E-02 Fundamentals of Audiovisual Production
2323J-02 Fundamentals of Digital Journalism
2323F-02 Fundamentals of Television Journalism
2323H-02 Laws and Ethics in Journalism
23152-02 Theories of Communication: Culture and Society
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
4 2323K-04 Photojournalism
2323N-02 Innovation in Journalism
2320K-02 Reading in Journalism
2323M-04 Graphic Planning
2323P-04 Broadcasting Journalism
2323L-04 News Reporting
1513G-02 Sociology of Communication
5 2323Q-04 Press Relations
2324I-02 Entrepreneurship in Journalism
2323X-02 Supervised Internship (200 Hours)
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2323V-04 Production and Editing in Radio Journalism
2324C-04 Newspaper Production (120 Hours)
2323U-04 Online Journalism Production
2323Y-04 News Broadcasting
6 2324D-02 Anthropology of Journalism
2324B-02 Fundamentals of Documentaries
2324G-02 Political Journalism
2324E-02 Scientific Research Methodologies Applied to Journalism
2323T-04 Editorial and Graphic Planning
2323Z-04 Journalism Programs on TV
2324F-02 Advanced Seminars on Communication
2324A-02 Image Theories
7 97101-04 Documentary Film
2324N-04 Convergent Journalism
2324M-02 Investigative Journalism
2323R-02 Literary Journalism
2324H-02 Thesis: Research Project
2324K-04 Magazine Production (120 Hours)
2324L-02 Theories of Journalism
8 2324U-00 Supplementary activities: 200 Hours
2324P-03 Thesis: Final Thesis
2324Q-04 Experimental Project I – Radio (120 Hours)
2324R-04 Experimental Project II – Audiovisual Production (120 Hours)
2324S-04 Experimental Project III – Online (120 Hours)
2324T-04 Experimental Project IV – Graphic Editorial (120 Hours)