Design: Communication

By relying on teaching, research and extension, PUCRS’ Undergraduate degree in Design is intended to produce creative professionals in order to meet the demands of society in view of its economic, historical, cultural, technological and environmental context. The primary goal is to produce professionals for the market instead of only teachers and researchers.

1 23803-02 Visible and Perceptual Aspects of Design
23802-02 Introduction to Design
23800-06 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory I
23804-08 Representation and Expression I
23801-04 Technologies and Productive Processes I
2 2344H-12 Elective course
23809-02 Fundamentals of Audiovisual Communication
23807-02 History of Art
23805-06 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory II
23808-02 Marketing and Design I
23810-08 Representation and Expression II
23806-04 Technologies and Productive Processes II
3 23816-02 Color and Design
23813-04 Ergonomics I
23814-02 Photography and Design I
23815-02 Fundamentals of Typography
23812-06 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory III
23817-04 Representation and Expression III
4 23821-04 Packaging and Sales Points
23820-04 Illustration
23818-06 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory IV
23822-08 Representation and Expression IV
23819-04 Technologies and Productive Processes III
5 23824-04 Photography and Design II
23823-06 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory V
23826-02 Marketing and Design II
23825-08 Communication Project I
23827-04 Economic Viability Applied to Design
6 23830-04 Typography Creation
23831-04 Ergonomics II
23828-08 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory VI
23829-08 Communication Project II
7 11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
23832-08 Interdisciplinary Design Laboratory VII
23834-04 Design Research Methodology
23833-08 Communication Project III
8 23836-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
23835-04 Supervised Internship (150 Hours)
23837-04 Design Management
23849-12 Final Undergraduate Project
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship