Audiovisual Production

This program is intended to produce professionals capable of working in different areas related to the processes of content production for the main audiovisual means, including cinema, television, video and internet. Audiovisual Production Technologists deal with the creation, designing and management of audiovisual projects and operation of image and sound equipment (cameras, lighting, recorders, microphones, editors) in analog or digital environments.

1 23604-02 Visual Narrative Grammar
23605-02 History of Art
23643-02 Histories of Cinema: From the Beginning to Neorealism
23647-04 Image: Fundamentals
23609-04 Filmmaking Laboratory I
23644-04 Production Methodologies
23646-04 Editing: Fundamentals
23645-04 Screenplay Writing: Fundamentals
23602-02 Audiovisual Technologies
2 23612-04 Documentary Film
23649-02 History of Cinema: New Cinemas
23652-04 Image: Electronic Supports and Artificial Lighting
23618-04 Filmmaking Laboratory II
23654-04 Editing: Language, Genres and Formats
23650-04 Production: Projects and Formats
23651-04 Screenplay Writing: Adaptation and Non-Fiction
23653-04 Audio: Fundamentals
3 23624-02 Direction
23621-04 Dramaturgy
23632-02 History of Brazilian Cinema
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
23657-04 Image: Resources and Effects
23637-04 Filmmaking Laboratory III
23658-02 Editing: Finishing, Resources and Processes
23655-02 Executive Production
23656-02 Screenplay Writing: Writing Practices
23659-04 Audio: Practice and Aesthetics
4 23610-02 Film Analysis
23641-04 Elective courses
23630-08 Filmmaking Laboratory IV
23640-02 Audiovisual Market
23661-03 Experimental Project: Image, Audio and Editing
23660-03 Experimental Project: Screenwriting, Production and Direction
23635-02 Cinema Theories and Aesthetics
5 23636-08 Filmmaking Laboratory V