Advertisers develop activities in publicity and advertising agencies, with service providers for graphic, electronic and digital means, as well as communication and marketing departments of companies, in general. These professionals must blend creative and marketing abilities in order to seek market-related information, plan concepts, spot adequate means, create messages and produce communication materials.

1 2330J-02 Creativity
23149-02 Digital Culture
23133-02 Aesthetics and History of Art
23148-02 Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Communication
23135-02 History of Communication
2330H-02 Introduction to Advertising
1214L-04 Portuguese I
2333U-02 Basic Marketing in Advertising
2333T-02 Media in Advertising
2333X-02 Advertising: History and Context
2330L-02 Audiovisual Technologies
2 2330R-04 Cinema and Advertising
23136-02 Community Communication
2330P-04 Editing Tools in Advertising
1214M-04 Introduction to Advertising Photography
23351-04 Portuguese II
23150-02 Advanced Marketing in Advertising
3 23153-02 Theories of Communication: Media and Information
2334D-04 Communication and Culture in Brazil
2335P-12 Advertising Design
2333Y-02 Elective course I
2334C-02 Negotiation and Mediation
2334A-04 Qualitative Market Research in Advertising
2334B-02 Advertising Planning: Communication and Brands
2333Z-02 Marketing Planning in Advertising
23152-02 Theories of Communication: Culture and Society
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
4 2331D-02 Consumer Behavior
2334J-04 Advertising Creativity: Fundamentals of Art Direction and Writing
2334K-02 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Advertising
2334L-04 Internship (200 Hours)
2334F-02 Advertising Account Management
2334E-04 Quantitative Market Research in Advertising
2334G-02 Advertising Planning: Campaign
2334H-02 Promotion and Brand Activation
1513G-02 Sociology of Communication
5 2334Q-04 Advertising Creativity: Generation and Development of Ideas
2331F-04 Advertising Photography
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2334P-02 Media Planning
2334N-02 Resource Planning in Advertising
2331G-04 Graphic Production
2334M-04 Behavioral Trends and the Market
6 2334Y-04 Advertising Creativity: Campaign
2333L-02 Advertising Laws
2334R-02 Scientific Research Methodologies for Advertising
2334X-02 Expanded Media
2335A-04 Audiovisual Advertising Production: Fundamentals
2334Z-04 Advertising Audio Production: Language
2334T-02 Theories of Communication: Advertising Languages
7 2333M-04 Digital Communication in Advertising
2335B-02 Thesis: Research Project
2335D-04 Audiovisual Advertising Production: Content and Format
2335C-04 Advertising Audio Production: Images
2335M-04 Market Research Project in Advertising
8 2335N-00 Complementary Activities (200 Hours)
2335E-03 Thesis: Final Thesis
2335H-04 Digital Project in Advertising
2335F-04 Campaign Project in Advertising
2335G-04 Marketing Project in Advertising