Economics: Finances

Finding solutions in the financial and capital markets 

In the course, you will understand the impact of politics and economics on the financial market, develop high-performance technical and interpersonal skills, such as an entrepreneurial attitude, proactivity, critical thinking, leadership, logical reasoning and autonomy, and learn to create strategies that result in always in the valuation of investments. Whether in the corporate area, working in companies, in the financial market, stock exchange, buying, selling and asset management, or as a consultant, the market for economists with this training continues to grow. 

Check out some activities you can perform: 

  • Corporate area 
  • Companies 
  • Financial market 
  • Consultant  
1 254DB-04 Business Administration
2533Q-04 Accounting
2515G-04 Economics
4115F-04 Mathematics
2533P-04 Logical and Analytical Reasoning
2 2335T-02 Communication and Persuasion
2533N-04 Management Accounting
4121C-04 Statistics
15090-04 Philosophy and General Ethics
254DG-02 Innovation and Development
4110R-04 Mathematical Finance
3 2420E-04 Corporate Law
254HX-24 Elective courses
2515L-02 Quantitative Economics I
254BW-04 Short-Term Corporate Finance
2515P-02 Economic Growth of Brazil
25194-04 Economic Indicators and Social Accounting
4 2515N-02 Quantitative Economics II
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2515K-02 Introduction to the Financial and Capital Market
2515H-04 Macroeconomics I
2515M-04 Microeconomics I
5 2515V-04 Econometrics I
2516U-02 Variable Income Instruments
2515U-04 Microeconomics II
2517J-02 Research Methodology
254AA-02 Business Budgeting
2517H-02 Sustainability
6 2513W-04 Econometrics II
2516G-04 Economy of Brazil
2517M-02 Public Finance
2515R-02 History of Economic Thought
2515T-04 Macroeconomics II
7 2515Y-04 Monetary Economy
2516A-02 Contemporary Political Economy
2517Q-02 Corporate Finance – Investments
2517A-04 Gestão de Portfólio
2516Y-04 Risk Management and Derivatives
2514T-04 Thesis I (240 Hours)
8 2517G-02 Analysis of Economic Scenarios
254HT-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
2514M-04 Portfolio Management
2517D-02 Behavioral Finance
2517B-04 Corporate Finances – Funding, Valuation and Structured Finances
2517E-02 Supplemental Social Security and Insurance
2516X-02 Financial and Capital Market Regulation
2514Y-04 Thesis II (240 Hours)