Business Administration: International Businesses

Business without borders 

You will learn about how the external markets works, development solutions for import and export solutions and understand the logistical challenges, marketing and the plurality of cultures. In the course, the pratice and theory walk together to form a complete professionals, able to act in differents situations, always with na analitical thought to resolve complex problems.  


Here are some activities you can do:

– Develop strategies for the internationalization of small, medium and large companies, both private and public
– Establish and implement offer of specialized services to international organizations, multinationals, NGOs, among others
– Undertake, critically analyzing organizations, cultures and economic and commercial conditions
– Lead and work in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams focused on new business development

1 254DB-04 Business Administration
2533Q-04 Accounting
2515G-04 Economics
4115F-04 Mathematics
2533P-04 Logical and Analytical Reasoning
2 2335T-02 Communication and Persuasion
2533N-04 Management Accounting
4121C-04 Statistics
15090-04 Philosophy and General Ethics
254DG-02 Innovation and Development
4110R-04 Mathematical Finance
3 2517L-02 Analysis of Economic Scenarios
254DN-04 Organizational Behavior
2420E-04 Corporate Law
254HX-24 Elective courses
41291-02 Applied Statistics
254BW-04 Short-Term Corporate Finance
4 2544X-04
254GU-02 International Trade
254BY-04 Long-Term Corporate Finance
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2515K-02 Introduction to the Financial and Capital Market
5 254DU-04 Operations and Services Management
254DR-04 Marketing
2517J-02 Research Methodology
94107-04 Import and Export Operations
94106-03 Integration Project I (120 hours)
2517H-02 Sustainability
6 254DX-02 Information Management
254AD-04 Materials Management and Logistics
254DY-02 Sales Management
254CF-02 Development of Entrepreneurs
254GT-02 International Relations
94113-04 International Logistics
7 254EG-02 Project Management
94114-04 Marketing Global e Etiqueta
254DV-04 Digital Businesses
254AA-02 Business Budgeting
254EC-02 Operations Research
94109-03 Projeto Integrador II (120H)
8 254HT-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
254HD-02 Diplomacy and Negotiation
94112-04 International Law
2548P-04 Corporate Strategy
254HA-02 International Financial Operations
254HF-02 Foreign Policy of Brazil
254PD-02 Decision-Making Process
254EJ-04 Thesis (240 hours)