Business Administration: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovate is expand opportunities 

Innovation moves the world and we know that your ideas can born with incredibles projects. In the course, you will learn how to identify opportunities and demands of society with potencial to be great business or be a way to innovate corporations existing. Our course develop skills complexs entrepreneurial, involving planning, budgeting, strategy, projections, analysis, controls, reports, organization, procedures, among others, as well as fundamental interpersonal skills, such as communication, creativity, networking, abstraction, leadership, daring, initiative, improvisation, perception, empathy, negotiation, proactiveness and much more.

Here are some activities you can do: 

  • Identify opportunities and demands of society and create, management and expand innovators business, as how to innovate existing business 
  • Solve problems creatively, dealing with risks, situations of uncertainty and scarce resources 
  • Entrepreuneurial analysing critically the companies, antecipating changes 
  • Develop logical, original and innovative thinking, through a critical look at reality 


1 254DB-04 Business Administration
2533Q-04 Accounting
2515G-04 Economics
4115F-04 Mathematics
2533P-04 Logical and Analytical Reasoning
2 2335T-02 Communication and Persuasion
2533N-04 Management Accounting
4121C-04 Statistics
15090-04 Philosophy and General Ethics
254DG-02 Innovation and Development
4110R-04 Mathematical Finance
3 2517L-02 Analysis of Economic Scenarios
2420E-04 Corporate Law
254HX-24 Elective courses
41291-02 Applied Statistics
254BW-04 Short-Term Corporate Finance
254EN-04 Laboratory – The Entrepreneur
4 254DX-02 Advanced Data Analysis
254BY-04 Long-Term Corporate Finance
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
2515K-02 Introduction to the Financial and Capital Market
254ER-04 Laboratory – Creativity and Design
5 254DN-04 Laboratory – Market and Business Modeling
254AK-02 Innovation Management
254ET-04 Laboratório – Mercado e Modelagem de Negócios
254DR-04 Marketing
2517J-02 Research Methodology
2517H-02 Sustainability
6 254AD-04 Materials Management and Logistics
254DU-04 Administration of Operations and Services
2544X-04 Human Resource Management
254JP-04 Laboratory – Prototyping and Validation
7 254DY-02 Sales Management
254EG-02 Project Management
254FD-04 Laboratory – Initiation
254DV-04 Digital Businesses
254AA-02 Business Budgeting
254EC-02 Economic Scenarios
8 254HT-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
254DP-04 Leadership Challenges
2548P-04 Corporate Strategy
254HZ-02 Internationalization of Companies
254FG-04 Laboratory – Expansion
254EQ-02 Laboratory – Negotiation
254PD-02 Decision-Making Process
254EJ-04 Thesis (240 hours)