Scientific Initiation

Scientific Initiation is one of the ways undergraduate students can work in projects developed by researchers with expertise in different areas of knowledge, seeking the direct involvement of students with research activity. Thus, besides education, Scientific Initiation has the purpose to build capacities and qualify human resources for scientific research.


Requirements to be Awarded a Scientific Initiation Scholarship

  1. Be regularly enrolled in an undergraduate course;
  2. Have a Lattes Curriculum appropriately registered/updated and uploaded to the website of  CNPq –;
  3. Be selected and appointed by the Researcher heading the research project who received the quota for this scholarship modality;
  4. Have a profile compatible with the planned activities and good academic performance;
  5. Be devoted to academic and research activities;
  6. Commit to execute the approved activities plan under the guidance of the Researcher, with a workload of 20 hours/week;
  7. Have no employment contract;
  8. Not accumulate this scholarship plus another awarded by different national and foreign research support programs and agencies, or by the Higher Education Institution (HEI) itself. This is not applicable in the case of the University for All Program (Programa Universidade para Todos, ProUni), as per CNPq/Copad Official Letter No. 10/2008.


Contacts for scientific initiation scholarships at BraIns

Dr. Magda Lahorgue Nunes – Professor at PUCRS School of Medicine – [email protected]

Dr. Douglas Sato – Professor at PUCRS School of Medicine – [email protected]

Dr. Mirna Portuguez – Professor at PUCRS School of Medicine and PUCRS Graduate Studies Program in Geriatrics and Gerontology – [email protected]