Preclinical Research Center

BraIns’s Preclinical Research Center (CPPC) is a modern unit with a MicroPET/CT system. The system allows to obtain in vivo images using micro-positron emission tomography (microPET) and micro computed tomography (microCT) in small animals such as rats and mice. Just like PET/CT, microPET/CT combines two imaging modalities, allowing studies that correlate cell/molecular function with anatomic structure. In this facility, researchers Gianina Venturin, PhD and Samuel Greggio, PhD, work in research projects involving advanced technology and high-standard results.

This system has many advantages over other methods of experimental study, including application in longitudinal studies, tracking the origin and progression of diseases like cancer and cardiovascular and neurological diseases. It also allows longitudinal assessment of the effectiveness of a treatment or therapeutic intervention in experimental models. Thus, microPET/CT is highly applicable in the development of new drugs and cell therapy, elucidation of pathophysiological mechanisms of neurological diseases, and in preclinical research on neuropathological markers.

CPPC also has a gamma counter, an essential equipment for microPET-based biodistribution and kinetic modeling studies. It allows to determine in vivo the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characteristics of a molecule under study.

For further information, please contact the coordinators Samuel Greggio and Gianina Venturin by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and [email protected] or call +55 (51) 3320-5969.