EsquinaA facility designed for teaching, health care assistance and promotion, in an integrated and multidisciplinary manner, the renovation works at BraIns are the first planned actions in support of PUCRS’ Health Campus. This environment brings together PUCRS’ School of Health Sciences and PUCRS’ School of Medicine, along with six dedicated facilities: BraIns, São Lucas Hospital, Sports Park, Rehabilitation Center, Clinical Center and the future Healthcenter Care, a center with unique services focused on health and well-being, which is under construction. “At the Health Campus, patients will be provided with comprehensive treatments. It is a shift of paradigms as we are bringing all these units together with facilitated access”, Jaderson Costa da Costa says.

The new BraIns are expected to be delivered in Apr 2020, being three times as large. As the remodeling work is in progress, patients and staff can get access to BraIns from the other side, but all current activities will be maintained: Imaging Center exams, clinical and pre-clinical research and production of radiopharmaceuticals. The quality of the services provided will be the same.
Today, the Institute sits in an area of 2,549 m2, which is about 40% of the area it was originally designed to sit in. The idea is to expand it to 9,335 m2, which would equal 100% of the planned area.

On top of that, BraIns will be equipped with seven highly equipped laboratories for translational research. These labs are great in that they can connect researchers from different areas. These environments will be exclusively available for experimental research in neurosciences, including the Memory Center, which is home for renowned researcher Dr Ivan Izquierdo.

The applied research outpatient clinic will have nine areas for BraIns patients; two polysomnography suites and one room to simulate resonance exams, used in patients with phobias. The Imaging Center, where the exams are offered, will be expanded with the acquisition of new state-of-the-art MRI and other tomography equipment, thus doubling its capacity.
The reception will be renovated. Customers will rely on a deli and a cutting-edge auditorium with 240 seats to be used by researchers, students and the population.

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