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the future of Tecnopuc

The Science and Technology Park is important, but it is part of a greater strategy, involving the city, the state, and the nation”,
says Rafael Prikladnicki, Director of Tecnopuc.

Protagonist of change

The future for innovation environments like science and technology parks is designed through their protagonist role in the development process of the regions they are in. Cities and regions that create conditions for the development of these environments will be better equipped to face and win the challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the 21st century. This is the vision presented by PUCRS and Tecnopuc managers.

Joint action among the different agents of society allows people to envision a more promising future. For Tecnopuc, changing the future goes through promoting inclusion changes for the communities, planning the creation of smart cities, and networking with other institutions located in Brazil and overseas.

The director mentions inspiring examples from countries such as Finland, which stimulates smart cities, and China, which has in its parks the driving force for exporting technology.

“I hope that, ten years from now, we will be turning knowledge into business ideas even more, and that we will have the ability to transfer this knowledge to society through the generation of wealth”, he says.

In fact, the modern world, based on knowledge, keeps demanding new concepts for the role of companies, universities, and governments in the process of economic and social development.

The challenges for Tecnopuc in the coming years involve consolidating its operations in Porto Alegre and its expansion in Viamão, which offers wide spaces in contact with nature. When Tecnopuc started operating, its focus was creating scholarships and new opportunities for researchers and students. Over time, the Park exceeded the initial expectations, becoming an innovation ecosystem of reference for Latin America, attracting from large international companies to smaller and medium-sized organizations, as well as start-up enterprises.

History showed that the institution was able to reach a new status, becoming a research University associated with entrepreneurism, innovation and development.

Tecnopuc was created with a well-defined purpose. However, it has evolved a lot since the beginning of the 2000s. It has changed from a vision oriented toward research to a vision oriented toward innovation and development as well as toward the role for the University in society.

The goal today is to seek the consolidation of an innovation ecosystem that allows people with talent, ideas, and resources to transform the reality we live in, generating a better quality of life and sustainability for our society.

“Tecnopuc is a benchmark, and it is our conviction that the transformation is still taking place. We hope to continue creating actions that allow for the optimization of this coexistence of different generations and companies in this innovation environment, to enable the creation of developing factors for society”, says Paulo Franco, Vice President for Administration and Finance of PUCRS.

This is the Park's greatest challenge: to meet the new demands of a changing society as a protagonist of a new and qualified development process, acting in coordination with all levels of government, companies, and other teaching and research institutions.

It is necessary to collaborate with the new model of development, where innovation and entrepreneurism are determining for success and growth.

The challenge is to make this real, contributing decisively by improving the quality of life of people.

the future

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