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The Future


Ecosystems of innovation like the one at PUCRS can undertake definitively the mission to change the aspect of a country's development. At Tecnopuc, this transformation takes place every day, strongly grounded on the development of people, creativity and innovation. These three dimensions capture the essence of this initiative, because it is through this triad that science turns into wealth for society, and knowledge turns into social, environmental, cultural and economic development.

The innovation reaching the market through products and services stems from the interactions between individuals and the smart application of their talents. It is a result of the capability of researchers, entrepreneurs and the different public and private agents involved with the creation process.

This is how new ideas and applications that are different from existing concepts emerge. This is also how the transformation of reality, change, and the search for a new model of development take place. This is done with the people and by the people. Qualified, motivated and engaged professionals are the most important aspects to innovation.

Even in a world where everything needs to be measured, and economic and financial aspects become more important than everything else, people and knowledge are still the most valuable assets. And the ability to transform knowledge into wealth is in the people. It is not by chance that new mechanisms to develop and manage the potential of individuals in an exponential scale have joined definitively the existing institutional network at PUCRS, which has Tecnopuc as one of its priorities.

People and knowledge are the most valuable assets

Support for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur is the pivot on which everything turns, according to Austrian Joseph Schumpeter, one of the icons of contemporary economic thought.

Based on this premise, a series of integrating actions is being fostered, aiming at turning PUCRS into an entrepreneurial University in its essence, grounded on the views of Burton Clark, from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA). The premise is to support a distinguished learning experience, through the classrooms, research laboratories and the infrastructure offered by the Science and Technology Park.

To make this possible, products and services are being created in the innovation ecosystem of Tecnopuc. The goal is to make the supporting network of this new type of professional increasingly visible to visitors at the PUCRS campus, especially students from undergraduate and graduate programs. Existing initiatives within Inovapucrs Network aiming at enabling relations between companies and the University as well as bringing generated knowledge and products into the market will be reinforced.

Here, the company will receive more support, and as it becomes more prepared, the risk of failure should decrease”,
says Eduardo Giugliani, Coordinator of Strategic Projects at Tecnopuc.

This is the case of the Entrepreneurial Nucleus, created in 2007 and currently under expansion, for the purpose of encouraging the entrepreneurial culture among young students. With the new concept, from the moment undergraduate students enter the Institution, they will be able to access a service that will help them develop social entrepreneurial or business activities, so that their education will empower them with this type of skill.

Another example of activity that promotes the development of students is the Inovapucrs (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network) business condominium. Inaugurated in the first semester of 2015, it occupies two floors of one of Tecnopuc's buildings in Porto Alegre. Projects created by students that were incubated at Raiar now have a space where they can grow further so they can be introduced to the market; that is, to investors.

The area was designed after it was realized that, in the incubator period, the success rate for businesses is 80%; but in the real world, this rate drops to 20%.

With the University's new orientation more aligned toward developing an entrepreneurial culture, students will receive training according to their desired profession, and, at the same time, will be guided to develop their knowledge in an environment of interaction with the market.

Thus, the structure needed to boost the qualification of those who seek their place in the complex world we live in becomes enhanced. In the teaching field, efforts are set forth to develop entrepreneurial skills and attitudes in students and researchers. The scope of the operations of the University and the Science and Technology Park will have an increasing global reach, allowing the whole University to reap benefits from the entrepreneurial environment in the Park.

At PUCRS, the Schumpeterian theory is appropriate to the new commandment governing the institution: all power to the potential and emerging generators of new business, as well as to opportunities for the development of society.

And whatever rises from this perception can become a sturdy source of support for the institution itself in the next decades.

The message is: you are an achiever and you have the conditions and the ability to make things happen.


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