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Park establishes a governance model

Tecnopuc is planning for a new model of management and corporative governance, which should become a benchmark in its development. A complex is emerging, one which should be more attentive to the relationship with external agents, society, and governments, as well as with business managers and investors, who are essential to generate new and innovative businesses. The Park is getting ready for a new stage in its development, with the rise of new challenges such as dealing with venture capital, business accelerators and co-working.

This rearrangement comes from an organizational model based on knowledge management. Companies that are able to qualify their teams will be able to achieve significant progress in the management of technological and social innovation more quickly, thereby generating more distinguished products and services. That is: they will become more competitive.Tools to achieve these results will be available for all those willing to take risks in this context.

This idea accounts for more transparency
and social responsibility”

says Eduardo Giugliani, Coordinator of Projects and Negotiation at Tecnopuc. He studied the governance model for parks in his doctoral program.

Implementation should start in 2015, and the change has received the approval from PUCRS' supporter. There will be two management levels: the advisory and management board and a senior management board. The new model, inspired by typical case studies of governance in private companies, aims at being closer to investing capital flows that can envision possibilities for corporate start-ups and spin-offs in the ecosystem. The advisory board will be composed by members of society and ruled by the triple helix concept.


Tecnopuc and its institutional network are becoming increasingly more important to investors with relation to capital and entrepreneurship. And the shift in management of the institutional network stands out even more, with a culture that is increasingly oriented toward governance and interaction with the market.

We will reap many benefits”,
says Clovis Meurer, CEO and partner
of CRP Companhia de Participações.

“The management team at PUCRS is highly qualified. The University has a global vision that will help to improve this environment”, he says.

CRP is a company from the state of Rio Grande do Sul with over 30 years of experience. It manages over BRL 600 million in investments and has over 70 business ventures negotiated until 2015 – making it the leader in investment numbers in Brazil. The companies in which CRP invested already produce revenues of approximately BRL 7 billion. Meurer, a PUCRS graduate in Economics and Business Administration (something he makes sure to point out), acknowledges that the University is rapidly progressing in the construction of a more favorable environment, with mechanisms for promotion, communication, and transparency, in order to attract investors.

This is essential in business. It is like marriage. If you are not out there, socializing, you will never meet your other half”, says the CEO of CRP, in a comparison made to stress the importance of the commitment at stake.

Representatives of the company show that they are open to serious commitments. They are connected with activities that bring more knowledge on start-ups and venture capital funds. The managers participate of the Enterprise Acceleration Program (PROA), an activity undertaken by PUCRS to support and develop innovative entrepreneurism that stems from research conducted in the University (spin-off companies) or is present in the innovative ecosystem of Tecnopuc.

Every month, business analysts and entrepreneurs meet and have a chance to parade their virtues and listen to management demands and expected outcomes.

Meurer points out that venture capital and private equity investors seek distinguishing companies, and that the word in vogue is innovation.

“The chance of finding opportunities like this, in products or processes, is much greater in technology centers”, says the CEO. The goal is always clear: prospecting businesses.

The investment company already has an enterprise in Tecnopuc, in one of the most important rising segments in creative economy in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Since 2014, CRP is a partner of Aquiris Game Studio. Meurer highlights that the fact that the game development company was at the Science and Technology Park factored in when the time came to make a decision.

“We have strengthened our relationship with Tecnopuc, as being in an environment like this one is always an asset”, says Meurer. He recalls that the enterprise is fueled by the constant flow of training of professionals, generating a good environment for culture, research and network.

“Tecnopuc is a fantastic example in Brazil, and it gives the people from the state of Rio Grande do Sul a great deal of pride in everything that is being accomplished here”, he says.

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