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the future of Tecnopuc

building the future


Along its first decade, Tecnopuc has shown that it is possible to innovate, overcoming obstacles, and building something new, with respect to the past and traditions. Grounded on respect for the different social agents involved and with a belief in people, University leaders, public managers and business partners, it was possible to turn the Science and Technology Park into a benchmark in Brazil and Latin America.

The future of the Park is being designed, with people and creativity, providing benefits for the University and for the city.

The new strategic positioning of PUCRS – Innovation & Development – is a sign of this. Thus, by honoring its principles and values and through its strategic positioning, the University has taken on the role of an agent of progress for society.

From the beginning of this century, with the creation of Tecnopuc, the Institution has achieved a leading position, standing out as an important benchmark in the fields of entrepreneurism and innovation, acting in coordination with public and private organizations and the different levels of government.

Through Tecnopuc, in the broader context of Inovapucrs Network, PUCRS follows a global trend, in which universities are called to play an unprecedented role in the development of nations, in the reduction of social inequality and in the environmental issues threatening our planet. Thus, PUCRS moves forward, with the indisputable inclusion of innovation in the development process of the society in the state and in the country.

Hence, as President Joaquim Clotet points out, the University reflects upon and acts effectively in fields that are essential for an integral development, in all its dimensions (social, environmental, cultural and economic), contemplating a minimum standard of quality of life and social justice.

Additionally, according to the President of PUCRS, this strategic positioning involves the constant search for a new Education for a new Society, one in harmony with its time. Tecnopuc is one of the clearest and most recognized agents in this new role for the University, which reinvents itself and presents itself as a protagonist in the development of society. By doing this, the University offers unique and distinguished opportunities of academic and professional training for its students, its main reason for being.

People, creativity and innovation are nodes of a network that, once established, can change the world for the better, transforming our society and having a positive influence on the future of people, contributing for the growth of our nation.

This is Tecnopuc, the result of a
beautiful dream in this ocean of
challenge and possibilities provided
to us by the Society of Knowledge.

A disruptive dream; a dream of many. A dream that makes the difference in the lives of very special people in our city and in our country.

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