Tecnopuc PUCRS Maristas
Trio de gestores tem a missão de conduzir a gestão do Tecnopuc nos próximos anos. Rafael Prikladnicki, diretor do Tecnopuc, Gabriela Ferreira, diretora de Inovação e Desenvolvimento da PUCRS e Mauricio Testa, diretor da AGT.
The triad of managers that have the mission of leading Tecnopuc in the coming years
Gabriela Ferreira, Rafael Prikladnicki and Mauricio Testa

Over the last ten years, Tecnopuc was consolidated as a Science and Technology Park able to provide support for enterprises, from start-up companies to the great players of the global market in several areas. This created an operation mix of companies that contribute actively to one another, to the University and to society. PUCRS has invested its human resources and infrastructure to develop the embryo of a world-class innovation environment that is capable to attract and develop companies based on knowledge generated from research.

And so it happens: the University has shown and developed its skills and infrastructure, and more importantly, has learned to coexist with other market agents. Some companies came, others were created and established here, promoting the development of the surrounding areas. Today we reach maturity. Tecnopuc is recognized as a relevant innovation ecosystem all over the country.

However, this maturity empowers us with the possibility of seeing how much we still need to evolve by moving forward. And where are we headed? Outward. Our challenge, based on the University's strategic positioning – Innovation and Development – is to make our work have an even greater impact in the society we are in. And this goes beyond creating companies and jobs, which we have always done. This leads us necessarily in the direction of meeting the demands of a society that needs increasingly more knowledge generated from research and interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial training, making this the purpose of our process of producing knowledge. Other innovation areas are being designed in the city of Porto Alegre, for example. And our goal is to contribute to entrepreneurism, providing benefits from here. With creativity and initiative, we aim at establishing new relationships with governments and companies, not only in research projects, but also in models of social development.

The goal is to allow knowledge to transcend our borders, turning into benefits for society. Our path for the future goes through the ability to see the role we will have in finding solutions for different problems in society. And all of this is a result of the effervescence we experience everyday, which is generated by the group of people who are a part of this ecosystem.

This challenges us to remain aligned with the principles and duties of a university. Our challenge is to bring this atmosphere into the lives of our students, and make this vibration pervade every activity on Campus, contributing to the qualification of teaching. In perspective, the Park blends into the Campus, and together they compose a great and lively laboratory. At the same time, the aim becomes interacting more and more with external agents, to provide them with solutions and to seek inspiration in them, based on a relationship-intensive working model, having the concept of Triple Helix as a reference, with Academia, enterprises and the government joining forces to produce new knowledge, technological innovation, and economic and social development.

How do we achieve that? Being entrepreneurial at all times, while bearing in mind the set of values that consistently brought us this far, oriented toward quality and relevance, aiming at contributing with the development of a just and fraternal society.

Gabriela Ferreira, Mauricio Testa and Rafael Prikladnicki