Lines and Research Structures


Concentration Area

Computer Science
Name Description
Bioinformatics and Bio-inspired Computation To follow are some of the topics this line of research will cover: Bioinformatics; Structural Bioinformatics; Biomathematics; Modeling and Simulation of Biological and Molecular Processes; Methods and Algorithms for Protein 3D Structure Prediction; Molecular Docking; Molecular Dynamics; Computer-assisted Drug Design; Visualization in Modeling and Simulation; Data Mining in Bioinformatics.
Computational Intelligence Intelligent Agents; Agent-Oriented Programming Languages; Cognitive Agents; Automatic Planning; Probabilistic Planning; Autonomous Reasoning; Semantic Computing; Knowledge Representation; Ontologies; Context-aware Computing; Semantic Web; Ontology Learning; Natural Language Processing; Textual Information Extraction; Text Data Mining, Generation of Multilingual Linguistic Resources; Multi-agent Systems; Normative Systems; Agent Communication; Formal Verification of Multi-agent Systems; Applications of Intelligent Systems; Robotics; Ubiquitous Computing; Urban Mobility; Intelligent Electricity Networks; Sentiment Analysis; Profile and Health Analysis.
Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Virtual Reality and Computer Human Interaction To follow are some of the topics this line of research will cover: Human-Computer Interaction; Quality in the Use of Interactive Systems (Accessibility, Communicability, and Usability); Assessment Techniques and User Interface Design; Social Interactions; Multimodal Interaction; Interaction in Virtual Environments; Assistive Technology; Data Visualization; Image Processing; Computer Vision; Medical Imaging; Computer Graphics Applications; Virtual Reality; Crowd Simulation; Virtual Humans Simulation; Computer Facial Animation; Algorithms Applied to Real-Time Games and Simulations.
Embedded Systems and Digital Systems Embedded Systems; Software Project for Embedded Systems; Embedded Operating Systems; Real-Time Systems; Virtualization of Embedded Systems; Middleware for Embedded Systems; RFID; Wireless Sensor Networks; Architecture of Embedded Microprocessors; Microelectronics; Integrated Circuits Project; Intra-chip Communication; Intra-chip Multiprocessing (Multi-core, MPSoC); Intra-chip Networks, Hardware Description Language; FPGA Prototyping; VLSI Project Aiming ASICs; Functional Verification of VLSI Systems; VLSI System Testing; Hardware Reliability; Hardware for Critical Applications; Hardware Applied to Robotics; Asynchronous Circuits and Systems/GALS; Non-synchronous System Project; Synchronizers; Modeling of Embedded Systems; Models of Computation (MoCs); Programming Languages for the Implementation of MoCs, Telecommunication Applications.
Parallel and Distributed Processing Parallel and Distributed Processing; Parallel Architectures; Operating Systems; Computer Networks; Formal Specification and Verification of Distributed Systems; Systems Performance Evaluation; Stochastic Modeling; Fault-Tolerance; Fault Detection; Fault Injection; Theoretical Models for Fault-Tolerance; Computer Systems Security; Cryptography; Cloud Computing; Grid Computing; Virtualization; IT Infrastructure Management; High Performance Computing; Parallel Algorithms; Parallel Programming Paradigms; Parallel Programming Environments; Scheduling; Modeling of Parallel Applications; Green Computing;
Software Engineering and Databases Software Development Process; Software Project Management; Software Engineering for Multi-agent Systems; Ontology-Based Software Development; Software Quality; Software Testing; Software Modeling; Distributed Software Development; Agile Methodologies for Software Development; Experimental Software Engineering; Software Product Line; Software Reuse; Integration between IHC Techniques and Software Engineering; User Interface Assessment and Design Techniques; User eXperience; Knowledge-discovery in Databases; Data Mining; Data Warehousing; Active and Temporal Databases; Modeling and Control of Business Processes; Scientific Workflow Systems.


Research Center
Name Coordinator
Centro de Pesquisa em Visualização Avançada (CPVA) MARCIO SARROGLIA PINHO
Centro de Pesquisa em Engenharia de Software (CePES) SABRINA DOS SANTOS MARCZAK