Software Engineering

The program is intended to produce professionals who rely on a solid background in Computing, Mathematics and software production processes, specialized in the development of applications based on information and communication technologies. Primarily focused on software solutions applied to businesses, professionals will rely on deeper insights of software architecture, development technologies and processes, in order to design robust and high-quality software in a systematic and efficient way. They will receive their training under a humanistic and fellowship-based training, according to the educational principles that guide PUCRS’ actions.

1 95300-04 Calculus A
2540L-04 Business Ventures
4611C-06 Algebraic Structures
46512-04 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
95303-04 Introduction to Software Engineering
2 46502-04 Algorithms and Data Structures I
46506-04 Requirements Engineering
4611D-02 Database Laboratory
46515-04 Languages, Automata and Computing
4611E-04 Logic for Computer Science
4611F-04 Object-Oriented Programming
46522-04 Experimental Agency Practice I (120 Hours)
3 46503-04 Algorithms and Data Structures II
46508-04 Fundamentals of HCI
46509-02 Software Configuration Management
46520-04 Database Modeling and Design
46521-04 Statistical Methods
95304-04 Computer Organization and Architecture
46526-02 Basic Software Programming
4 46501-04 Advanced Algorithms
46505-02 Interaction Design
46514-04 Programming Languages
46523-04 Experimental Agency Practice II (120 Hours)
4647D-04 Operating Systems
4611H-02 Database Management Systems
46533-04 Software Verification and Validation I
5 4470V-02 Corporate Knowledge Management
46511-04 Artificial Intelligence
46513-02 Networks Laboratory
46529-06 Software Project and Architecture
13397-02 Psychology and Human Resource Management in IT
46530-04 Computer Networks
46534-02 Software Verification and Validation II
6 46504-04 Software Construction
46507-02 Experimental Software Engineering
46510-04 Software Project Management
44721-02 Business Management for Engineers
46516-02 Software Maintenance
46527-04 Distributed Programming
46524-04 Experimental Agency Practice III (120 Hours)
7 4613Y-08 Elective course
2512A-02 Fundamentals of Economics for Engineers
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
46517-02 Software Process Improvement
46519-04 Formal Methods (Software Engineering)
46528-02 Parallel Programming
46525-04 Experimental Agency Practice IV (120 Hours)
1501A-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science
8 46535-00 Complementary Activities (110 Hours)
44798-04 Engineering Economics
44797-04 Product Engineering
24135-02 Law for Computer Science Professionals
46518-04 Methods and Models in Software Engineering
46531-02 Systems Security
4611G-04 Analytical Methods and Simulation