Mathematics: Corporate Mathematics

The Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics is to produce professionals who, relying on a solid training in mathematics, statistics, algorithms and computer programming, as well as notions of economics and business administration, are capable of working in public or private companies, developing research and addressing management and production problems. Graduates will be able to pursue continued education, conduct teamwork and will be able to take a critical view before new ideas and technologies, and to communicate, by establishing connections between this area and other areas of knowledge.
1 4116A-06 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics
41171-04 Geometry I
4116C-04 Introduction to Mathematical Research
4110R-04 Mathematical Finance
4116B-02 Logical Reasoning
2 4116W-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
95300-04 Differential and Integral Calculus I
48329-02 Geometric Drawing for Mathematics
4114L-12 Elective Courses
4611C-06 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
41172-04 Geometry II
4116D-04 Mathematical Logic
3 46502-04 Algorithms and Data Structures I
95301-04 Differential and Integral Calculus II
4637P-02 Fundamentals of Computing
4116F-02 Analytic Geometry
4114G-04 Algebra A
4 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus III
2515G-04 Economics
254AA-02 Business Budgeting
95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4210E-04 Topics in Classical Physics
4114H-04 Algebra B
5 4115R-04 Differential and Integral Calculus IV
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4115U-02 Introduction to Actuarial Science
4470E-04 Operations Research I
4210F-02 Topics in Modern Physics
4114P-04 Linear Algebra
6 4120P-04 Differential Equations and Integral Transforms
4116L-04 Advanced Statistics
95305-04 Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
254BT-04 Business Planning
4116M-02 Complex Variables
7 4116R-04 Mathematical Analysis
4113S-04 Numerical Calculus A
254BX-04 Financial Market
4470M-04 Operations Research II
8 4116V-02 Introduction to Differential Geometry
4116U-04 Mathematical Modeling
15091-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science