Information Systems

Graduates from this program will be able to address work in evaluation, research, development, management and use of information technologies applied to the administrative and industrial sectors of public and private organizations. They are eligible to work as systems analysis, database administrators, information systems project managers, consultant/auditor in information systems development, systems programmer and IT manager, seeking integrative solutions (software, hardware, intranet, and internet) for the challenges posed by informatization in the different companies’ departments.

1 95300-04 Calculus I
254PF-04 Fundamentals for Business Administration
4637P-02 Fundamentals of Computing
4611C-06 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
4636U-04 Introduction to Information Systems
2 4636F-02 Software Engineering
4611E-04 Logic for Computer Science
4115L-02 Discrete Mathematics (Information Systems)
4636X-04 Business Modeling
95304-04 Statistical Methods
4611F-04 Object-Oriented Programming
3 4637N-02 Computer Architecture
46506-04 Requirements Engineering
4636H-04 Software Development Fundamentals
4636T-04 Human-Computer Interaction
4611D-02 Database Laboratory
4636Z-04 IT Planning and Strategic Management
4 4636P-04 Integrative Course I
4636K-04 Fundamentals of Computer Networks
46520-04 Database Modeling and Design
4637C-04 Software Design and Development
4647D-04 Operating Systems
5 4636L-04 IT Project Management
4636M-02 Computer Network Management
4636R-04 Business Intelligence
4637B-04 Applied Software Programming
4637G-04 Distributed Systems
4611H-02 Database Management Systems
6 4636B-04 Organizational Architecture for Information Systems
4636Q-04 Integrative Course II
254AU-04 Strategic Governance in IT
4636N-04 Information Technology Infrastructure
4637J-02 Theory of Computation
4637K-02 Advanced Topics in Data Management
7 4636D-02 System Performance Evaluation
4613Y-08 Elective Course
2540L-04 Business Ventures
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4637A-02 Professional Practice (360 Hours)
4637E-02 Product Quality
4637F-04 Integrated Information Systems
4637L-04 Thesis I
8 4612D-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
4636C-04 Information Systems Auditing and Security
254PG-02 Organizational Behavior
24135-02 Law for Computer Science Professionals
4637D-04 Process Quality
4637M-04 Thesis II
1501A-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science