Electrical Engineering: Electronics

The Electrical Engineering program is intended to produce professionals capable of embracing activities related to the conception, project design, development, implementation, testing and maintenance of products and processes based on software and/or hardware, in both the public and private sectors of society. To follow are some of the areas the graduates are expected to embrace: electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications and information technologies, as well as electro-electronic systems. Graduates will perform their activities either in industries (electro electronics, petrochemical, metallurgical, automobile, telecommunications, nano and microelectronic components, among others) or services (consultancy companies, evaluations, investigations, inspections, etc.), and may conduct teaching and research activities.

1 95300-04 Calculus I
48319-04 Technical Drawing
445AC-02 Introduction to Electrical and Control Engineering
4210N-06 Newton Mechanics
4311P-04 General Chemistry
2 4459R-04 Logic Circuits I
95301-04 Calculus II
44591-04 Hardware/ Software Integration I
4459A-02 Logic Circuits Laboratory I
4210P-06 Thermodynamics and Waves
95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
3 4459W-04 Logic Circuits II
4117D-04 Calculus III
4210Q-06 Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
445AA-04 Hardware/ Software Integration II
4459E-02 Logic Circuits Laboratory II
95304-04 Probability and Statistics
4 4459S-04 Circuit Analysis I
4117E-04 Calculus IV
445AB-04 Hardware/ Software Integration III
4459C-02 Circuits Laboratory I
95305-04 Applied Mathematics
445AG-02 Electric Materials
4423H-02 Solid Mechanics
5 4459U-04 Circuit Analysis II
4458J-04 Electromagnetic Circuits
4481Y-02 Environmental Engineering I
44897-02 Transport Phenomena
4459V-04 Introduction to Electronic Devices
4459D-02 Circuits Laboratory II
4459F-02 Electronic Devices Laboratory
44630-04 Signals and Systems
6 44632-04 Control System Analysis
445HJ-04 Energy Conversion I
44653-02 Control Laboratory
4459G-02 Processors Laboratory I
4459Y-04 Processors I
4458K-04 Digital Signal Processing
445AH-04 Communications Systems
7 445AM-04 Energy Conversion II
445AN-08 Elective courses
445AK-04 Analog Electronics
445AF-04 Instrumentation and Signal Acquisition
4457R-02 DSP Laboratory
445AL-02 Analog Electronics Laboratory
44633-04 Control Systems – Project
445CC-04 Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects
8 4458P-04 Applied Electronics
4457N-02 Supervised Internship – Electrical Engineering (190 Hours)
4459M-02 Applied Electronics Laboratory
4458M-04 Waves and Lines
445AV-04 Industrial Electrical Projects
4452X-04 Electrical Energy Systems
44590-04 Embedded Systems I
44636-04 Digital Control Systems
9 445BL-04 Antennas and Propagation
445BN-04 Power Electronics
445BK-04 Generation and Protection of Energy Systems
445BP-02 Power Electronics Laboratory
445BM-02 Undergraduate Project I – Electrical Engineering
445BJ-02 Mobile Technology Project
445BH-02 Embedded Systems II
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
10 44028-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
44654-04 Classical Industrial Automation
445BV-04 Distribution and Transmission of Electrical Energy
4471X-02 Engineering Economics
4471Y-02 Engineering and Occupational Safety
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
445BY-04 Microelectronics Integrated Systems Project
445CA-02 Undergraduate Project I – Electrical Engineering
4471V-02 Planning Systems and Costs for Engineering