Control and Automation Engineering

The Control and Automation Engineers (or Mechatronic Engineer) can carry out activities in private or public companies or even independently, in the conception, project design, fabrication, production of maintenance of devices, machines, automatic and robot systems. They can work in the most diverse industries in need of professionals with a solid understanding of precision mechanics, electronics, information technology, control and automation.

1 95300-04 Calculus
48319-04 Technical Drawin
445AC-02 Introduction to Electrical and Control Engineerin
4210N-06 Newton Mechanic
4311P-04 General Chemistr
2 4459R-04 Logic Circuits
95301-04 Calculus I
44591-04 Hardware/ Software Integration
4459A-02 Logic Circuits Laboratory
4210P-06 Thermodynamics and Wave
95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometr
3 4459W-04 Logic Circuits I
4117D-04 Calculus II
4210Q-06 Electromagnetism and Modern Physic
445AA-04 Hardware/ Software Integration I
4459E-02 Logic Circuits Laboratory I
95304-04 Probability and Statistic
4 4459S-04 Circuit Analysis
4459E-02 Calculus I
44897-02 Transport Phenomen
445AB-04 Hardware/ Software Integration II
4459C-02 Circuits Laboratory
95305-04 Applied Mathematic
445AG-02 Electric Materials
4423H-02 Solid Mechanic
5 4459U-04 Circuit Analysis I
44654-04 Classical Industrial Automation
4459V-04 Introduction to Electronic Device
4459D-02 Circuits Laboratory I
4459F-02 Electronic Devices Laboratory
44630-04 Signals and System
44493-04 Hydraulic and Pneumatic System
6 44632-04 Control System Analysi
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Cultur
44653-02 Control Laborator
4459G-02 Processors Laboratory
44656-04 Modeling and Identification of Dynamical System
4459Y-04 Processors
4458K-04 Digital Signal Processin
7 4442W-08 Elective course
445AK-04 Analog Electronics
4481Y-02 Environmental Engineering
445AF-04 Instrumentation and Signal Acquisitio
4457R-02 DSP Laborator
445AL-02 Analog Electronics Laboratory
44633-04 Control Systems Projec
44638-02 Industrial Networks and Protocol
8 44658-04 Protection and Monitoring Automatio
44657-04 Slow Processes Contro
445BN-04 Power Electronic
4471Y-02 Engineering and Occupational Safet
44641-02 Supervised Internship – Control and Automation
Engineering (190 Hours
445BP-02 Power Electronics Laborator
44590-04 Embedded Systems
44636-04 Digital Control System
9 445BA-04 Machine Activation and Contro
44660-04 Optimal Control Method
44647-02 Robot Programmin
44659-02 Undergraduate Project I – Control and Automation
445CC-04 Residential and Commercial Electrical Projects
445BJ-02 Mobile Technology Project
44664-04 Digital Systems of Control and Supervisio
445BH-02 Embedded Systems I
10 44028-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours
445HJ-04 Energy Conversion
4471X-02 Engineering Economic
44662-04 Introduction to Advanced Contro
44661-02 Undergraduate Project II – Control and Automation Engineerin
44646-02 Robotic System
44663-04 Manufacture Execution System
4471V-02 Planning and Costs Systems for Engineerin
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenshi