Computer Science

The program provides comprehensive training in Computer Science as it equips its students to work as system developers, researchers, software designers, technology consultants, managers in technology companies and future entrepreneurs. The program includes not only the fundamentals of Information Technology but also its major areas of operation, practical applications and technological trends that are constantly revisited.

1 95300-04 Calculus A (Computer Science)
4611C-06 Fundamentals of Computer Programming
4646C-04 Fundamentals of Logical Reasoning
4646F-04 Introduction to Computer Science
95303-04 Discrete Mathematics (Computer Science)
4646L-04 Writing and Scientific Methodology for Computer Science
2 4645G-04 Algorithms and Data Structure I
95301-04 Calculus B (Computer Science)
4645L-10 Elective course
4646B-04 Fundamentals of Digital Systems
4611E-04 Logic for Computer Science
4646K-04 Concrete Mathematics
4611F-04 Object-Oriented Programming
3 4645H-04 Algorithms and Data Structure II
4646J-04 Formal Languages and Automata
4646Q-04 Computer Organization and Architecture I
4646U-04 Functional Programming
4646T-02 Low-Level Programming
4647E-04 Programming Techniques
95302-04 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
4 4645P-02 Integrative Course I (Logic and Programming)
4645U-04 Software Engineering
4645Y-04 Database Fundamentals
4646P-02 Models of Concurrent Computing
4646R-04 Computer Organization and Architecture II
95304-04 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science
4647F-04 Computability and Complexity Theory
5 4645Q-02 Integrative Course II (Undergraduate Research)
4645X-04 Model-Oriented Software Engineering
4645Z-04 Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
4646M-04 Formal Methods in Computing
4646N-04 Numerical Methods
4646Z-04 Algorithm Design and Optimization
4647D-04 Operating Systems
6 4645R-02 Integrative Course III (System Specification and Construction)
4646A-04 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4646D-04 Database System Implementation
4646E-04 Interpretation of Programming Languages
4646G-04 Introduction to Computer Networks
4646I-04 Operating Systems Laboratory
7 4645J-04 Parallel Computing
4645K-04 Compiler Construction
4646H-02 Computer Network Laboratory
4646Y-04 Design and Implementation of Interactive Systems
4647A-04 Advanced Computer Networks
4611G-04 Analytical Methods and Simulation
8 46535-00 Complementary Activities (110 hours)
4645T-02 Integrative Course IV (Thesis)
2540L-04 Business Ventures
4646X-04 Game Development Project
4647B-04 Distributed Systems
4647C-04 Autonomous Intelligent Systems
1501A-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science