Chemistry: Industrial Chemistry

Industrial chemists work in food, beverage, rubber, waxes, cements and ceramics, oils and fats, perfume, cleaning products, textile and fibers as well as paint and coating industries; additionally, they are eligible to work in environmental control, water disinfection, metallurgy and petrochemistry. They are eligible to conduct chemical analysis and quality control in research centers and public agencies, do technical sales, provide consultancy services, conduct research and development of new products, aiming to production and inspection.
1 95300-04 Differential and Integral Calculus I
42193-06 General and Experimental Physics I
4310T-06 General and Inorganic Chemistry I
4313L-06 Organic Chemistry I
2 95301-04 Differential and Integral Calculus II
4321E-06 Analytical Chemistry I
4313M-04 General and Inorganic Chemistry II
4313N-06 Organic Chemistry II
3 4115P-02 Differential and Integral Calculus III
42196-06 General and Experimental Physics III
95400-04 Physical Chemistry I
43289-02 Hygiene and Occupational Safety in the Chemical Industry
4321F-06 Analytical Chemistry II
43163-04 Organic Chemistry III
4 4320S-02 Chemometrics
4311X-12 Elective Courses
43172-04 Physical Chemistry II
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4320R-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry I
4313U-06 Inorganic Chemistry I and Mineralogy
5 4320B-06 Mass and Energy Balance in the Chemical Industry
48317-04 Drawing for Chemistry
43173-06 Physical Chemistry III
4320U-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry II
4320V-04 Polymer Chemistry
4312R-06 Inorganic Chemistry II and Mineralogy
6 4320Y-04 Physical Chemistry IV
4320C-06 Chemical Industry Processes and Operations
4320W-04 Instrumental Analytical Chemistry III
43280-04 Biological Chemistry
4314A-04 Inorganic Chemistry III and Mineralogy
4321A-06 Industrial Organic Synthesis
7 2510N-02 Economics for the Chemical Industry
4320D-04 Technological Chemistry I
4313P-04 Environmental Chemistry
15091-04 Ethics and Philosophy of Science
8 4314E-00 Complementary Activities (105 Hours)
4321D-04 Supervised Internship (Industrial Chemistry) (120 Hours)
4321C-04 Food Processing and Technology
4320E-04 Technological Chemistry II