Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers work in industries (mining, cellulose, petrochemical, food, metal mechanical, leather-footwear), as well as education and research. To follow are some areas they can embrace: development of new techniques for the production of new raw materials; development of the processes of transformation, quality control, environmental protection and management; projects in industrial and equipment installations; production management, technical sales, industrial consultations as well as control and automation of processes.

1 4115M-04 Differential and Integral Calculus I
48319-04 Technical Drawing
48325-02 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
4480A-02 Newton Mechanics
43169-04 General Chemistry
4115S-02 Differential and Integral Calculus II
2 4480C-04 Differential and Integral Calculus III
4115N-04 Technical Drawing II
4115P-02 Process Engineering
4480B-04 Physical Chemistry I – Chemical Engineering
42191-06 General Chemistry Laboratory
4311S-04 Thermodynamics and Waves
43182-02 Matrix Algebra
3 4115R-04 Differential and Integral Calculus IV
4115T-04 Electromagnetism and Modern Physics
4210A-06 Differential Equations and Integral Transforms
4313F-06 Experimental Inorganic Chemistry
4480J-06 Thermodynamics I
4 4113S-04 Technical Communication
4480K-06 Numerical Calculus A
4210C-06 Transport Phenomena I
4313E-06 Physical Chemistry II – Chemical Engineering
4313L-06 Organic Chemistry I
5 4480L-06 Transport Phenomena II
4480R-04 Chemical Industry Materials
4423H-02 Solid Mechanics
4480F-04 Numerical Methods for Chemical Engineering
4313N-06 Organic Chemistry II
4480E-04 Thermodynamics II
6 4481T-04 Chemical Reaction Engineering I
4481V-04 Industrial Equipment and Utilities I
4480G-04 Transport Phenomena III
4480H-06 Unit Operations I
4480P-06 Planning and Design of Experiments
7 4320L-06 Chemical Analysis – Chemical Engineering
4481G-08 Elective courses
4481U-04 Chemical Reaction Engineering II
4481X-04 Industrial Equipment and Utilities II
4480M-06 Unit Operations II
4481J-02 Integration Project – Chemical Engineering
8 4320K-04 Instrumental Analysis – Chemical Engineering
4481A-04 Investment Analysis – Chemical Engineering
4480Y-04 Process Dynamics
4480V-06 Biochemical and Food Engineering
4481B-02 Supervised Internship – Chemical Engineering (190 Hours)
4480N-06 Unit Operations III
9 4481E-04 Economic Appraisal of Projects
4481C-06 Control and Instrumentation
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
4480W-04 Industrial Processes
4481D-06 Chemical and Biochemical Reactors
10 44028-00 Complementary Activities (120 Hours)
4481L-04 Quality Management – Chemical Engineering
4481F-04 Environmental Management and Licensing
4481S-04 Thesis II – Chemical Engineering (Project) Prof.
4481R-02 Thesis I – Chemical Engineering
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship