Architecture and Urbanism

Architects may work independently or either in private or public companies or institutions, organizing the physical space where people can live, travel, work, cultivate their body and spirit, in view of the utilitarian, technical, formal and historical-aesthetic aspects. They are also responsible for assessing, preserving and enhancing heritage sites and protecting the nature.

1 48305-02 Geometric Drawing
48356-03 Expression and Representation I
48230-02 Fundamentals of Sustainable Architecture
48347-03 Descriptive Geometry I
48115-03 Introduction to Architecture and Urbanism
48235-02 Introduction to 20th
4110K-03 Mathematics for Architecture
4222T-03 Thermo-Mechanics for Architecture
2 48231-03 Architecture from Classical Antiquity to the Middle Ages
48116-06 Architecture Studio I
48152-03 Landscaping Studio I
48299-12 Elective course
48357-03 Expression and Representation II
48346-03 Descriptive Geometry II
48333-03 Scale Models
4423J-02 Materials Technology
4420X-03 Topography for Architecture
3 48232-03 Architecture from Renaissance to Neoclassicism
48153-06 Architecture Studio II
48154-06 Landscaping Studio II
4441J-03 Thermal and Acoustic Comfort
48215-02 Aesthetics and History of Art
48358-03 Expression and Representation III
44247-03 Structural Systems I
4423T-03 Construction Systems Technology I
4 48233-03 Industrial Society Architecture
48155-06 Architecture Studio III
48156-06 Urbanism Studio I
48359-03 Expression and Representation IV
48237-02 Fundamentals of Urbanization
4450K-03 Building Installations I
44248-03 Structural Systems II
5 48234-03 Modern and Contemporary Architecture
48157-06 Architecture Studio IV
48158-06 Urbanism Studio II
48361-03 Expression and Representation V
4423N-03 Building Installations II
48240-01 Field Trip I
44249-03 Construction Systems Technology II
48238-02 Theory and History of Design
48336-02 Visualization and Significance
6 48239-03 Architecture in Latin America
48159-06 Architecture Studio V
48161-06 Design Studio
48160-06 Landscaping Studio III
48362-03 Expression and Representation VI
44299-02 Building Installations III
44285-03 Structural Systems III
7 48257-03 Architecture in Brazil
48162-06 Architecture Studio VI
48163-06 Urbanism Studio III
48251-03 Cultural Heritage and Conservation
48241-01 Field Trip II
8 48242-03 Architecture in Rio Grande do Sul
48166-03 Interior Design Studio
48164-06 Public Housing Studio
48165-06 Urban and Regional Planning Studio
48194-02 Supervised Internship
11521-04 Humanism and Religious Culture
48222-02 Contemporary Architectural Thought
9 48144-02 Architecture and Management
48167-06 Special Projects Studio
48145-02 Labor System and Legislation
48191-04 Thesis I
1501A-04 Ethics and Citizenship
10 48250-00 Complementary Activities (120 hours)
48185-06 Thesis II