Geophysics professor and IPR researcher represent PUCRS at symposium in Spain

Ivi Lara and Adolpho Augustin completed training program to use equipment to register variations in subsurface electrical resistivity

16/04/2019 - 08h57

Professor Ivi Valentini Lara, of the Geophysics  program and Institute of Petroleum and Natural Resources (IPR) researcher, Adolpho Herbert Augustin, went to Madrid, Spain for a training program at the Symposium on Resistivity Imaging. The event was promoted by the Advanced Geosciences Europe from Mar 27 – 29.

Ivi is a member of the Geophysics team of the project CO2MOVE II, on experimental leaks of CO2 . The project was designed to study monitoring tools for the geological storage of carbon. The IPR’s R&D project in partnership with Petrobras is now in its second stage and has been developed in an area of the Tecnopuc Viamão.

Both Lara and Augustin joined a training program on how to use a cutting-edge resistivity meter. The equipment has been bought for the project and is used to register variations in subsurface electrical resistivity. It will allow for its users to analyze lithological heterogeneities and anomalies (CO2, for instance), in order to keep track of continuous CO2 leaks. An article containing the findings will be published soon.


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