Integrating University, Industry and Society

TECNOPUC is PUCRS' Science and Technology Park, with 5.4 ha area located on PUCRS' main campus in Porto Alegre, with an area of more than 70 ha, 30,000 students, 1,600 faculty and 4,800 staff.


To establish a community of interdisciplinary research and innovation through academic-industrial-government collaborations, to improve their competitive position in the world and enhance the quality of life of their communities.


In 2015, TECNOPUC will be nationally and internationally recognized for its innovative and relevant research and the advancement of the technological, economical and social development of the region.


  • Consideration for the PUCRS image and culture
  • Respect for ethical principles
  • Integration and interaction
  • Synergy in action
  • Quality and relevance
  • Global vision with local action


Areas & Projects

TECNOPUC Areas (Tenants)

  • Technical-Scientific  (Information Technology and Communication, Engineering and Energy)
  • Biotechnology (Biology Science, Health and Biotechnology)
  • Environmental Science

R&D Projects

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • Electric Energy Systems
  • Carbon Storage
  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Nanotechnology
  • Information Systems
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Life Sciences


  • 62 Companies (Accenture, Datacom, DBServer, Dell, HP, Instituto Eldorado, Microsoft, Parks, Stefanini, Technotag, ThoughtWorks, Tlantic/Sonae, TOTVS, …)
  • 8 Institutions (ABINEE, Assespro, Softsul, Instituto Liberdade, Fundação Pensamento Digital, PMI, ...)
  • 11 PUCRS Research Centers and PUCRS Operations (Nanotechnology Research Center, Molecular and Functional Biology Research Center , Solar Photovoltaic Research Center, Energy Radiation Research Center, Electric Energy Research Center, Carbon Storage Research Center, AGT, ETT, INOVAPUC, etc)
  • 3 PUCRS Operations (TECNOPUC, AGT and ETT)
  • RAIAR Incubator: 18 start-ups, all of them academic or research spin-off projects
  • More than 2,600 certified personnel (employees)

Academic Impact

  • 144 ongoing R&D Projects
  • 59 PUCRS researchers involved
  • 241 Master's and PhD Scholarships (directly allocated in R&D projects)
  • 320 Master and PhD Scholarships (TECNOPUC research fund)

Education & Training

Undergraduate courses 

  • Computer Science: 160 openings per year (> 407 students)
  • Information Systems: 120 openings per year (> 451 students)
  • Computer Engineering: 120 openings per year (> 204 students)
  • Electric Engineering: 120 openings per year (> 601 students)
  • Business – IT Management: 120 openings per year (> 567 students)

Graduate courses (Master's and PhD Courses)

  • Computer Science ( 50/ > 140 students)
  • Electrical Engineering  ( 20/ > 110 students)
  • Business (IS area)  Course ( 30/ > 80 students)


TECNOPUC Qualification Program

Extension Courses Objectives:

  • Undergraduate complementary education
  • Professional re-qualification training on new IT technologies and tools

New Graduate Programs:

  • Microelectronics: Digital TV
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Quality
  • IT Project Management (Lato Sensu)


Porto Alegre main campus

  • Land for future buildings: more than 4 hectares
  • New Building: 22,500 m2 


The Future


Viamão campus

To meet the increasing demand for space for companies focused on innovation, PUCRS is actively working on the TECNOPUC - Viamão Technology Park, located in the city of Viamão which is 12 km from the main Porto Alegre campus.

TECNOPUC Viamão is located in the city of Viamão in a green area of 15 hectares. The main building of 32,000 square meters includes the reception desk, the central administration, an incubator, a library, labs, data-center, meeting rooms, classrooms, two auditoriums (250 and 380 seats), a restaurant, a parking lot, security (24 hours / 7 days a week), photocopy services, a sports area, resting areas, a ballroom and an ATM.

TECNOPUC Viamão: Distances & Logistics

TECNOPUC – Viamão is close to Porto Alegre (approximately a 20-minute-drive from Porto Alegre's International Airport) and 12 km from PUCRS main campus (approximately a 10-minute- drive).

Highways connect PUCRS main campus directly to TECNOPUC Viamão. The well-developed transportation facilities near the park make shipping and transportation very convenient.

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