Institutional Committee


Institutional Representative

Carla Denise Bonan

Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
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Researcher ID: J-7899-2015
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Brazilian Members

Christian Haag Kristensen

Email address:
Graduate Program: Psychology
Researcher ID: F-1538-2015
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Fernanda Bueno Morrone

Email address:
Graduate Programs: Medicine and Health Sciences and Cellular and Molecular Biology
Researcher ID: K-7703-2015
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Nythamar Hilario Fernandes de Oliveira Junior

Email address:
Graduate Program: Philosophy
Researcher ID: D-7316-2013
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Renato Tetelbom Stein

Email address:
Graduate Program: Pediatrics and Child Health
Researcher ID: K-2568-2014
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Roberto Esser dos Reis

Email address:
Graduate Program: Ecology and Evolution of Biodiversity
Researcher ID: A-7030-2012
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Sandra Mara Oliveira Einloft

Email address:
Graduate Program: Engineering and Technology of Materials
Researcher ID: G-1565-2012
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Foreign Members

Jeroen Dewulf

Email address:
Institution: University of California, Berkeley – USA
Researcher ID: I-5878-2018
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Matteo Sonza Reorda

Email address:
Institution: Politecnico di Torino – Italy
Researcher ID: J-1775-2018
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