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If you are an undergraduate student at PUCRS and wish to participate in the Student Exchange Program, please contact the Academic Mobility Center (Programa de Mobilidade Acadêmica, building 15).

If you are an international student interested in undergraduate student exchange, please contact for more information.

If you are a PUCRS student interested in graduate studies abroad, please contact for more information.

If you are an international student interested in undergraduate or graduate studies as a regularly enrolled student, please contact for more information.

The Visitor Handbook ­- Living in Porto Alegre has information about Porto Alegre for researchers and students visiting the city. This guide was produced by the Office of International and Institutional Affairs of PUCRS and is updated annually. It is available in print and as downloadable PDF.


Procedure for Agreement Proposals

To establish cooperative agreements between PUCRS and national/international institutions, the procedure begins with an informal mutual understanding between professors/researchers from the institutions involved. Formally, the procedure begins with the participating academic unit at PUCRS, as described below.

The participating academic unit at PUCRS must:

  • Complete the Agreement/Addendum Proposal Form (signed by the Dean);
  • Draft an Agreement or Addendum or complete the AAII model, available on the website (the translation of the Draft must be provided by the Academic Unit);
  • Submit the Agreement/Addendum Proposal Form and the Draft Agreement/Addendum to AAII;
  • Submit the Draft Agreement/Addendum electronically to AAII by email:
  • It is recommended that the partner institution carry out a concurrent procedure.

The International Affairs Office at PUCRS will:

  • Analyze the documents and submit them to the Office of the General Counsel – PROJUR and, then, to the Office(s) of the Vice President(s) involved (PROEX, PROPESQ and PROACAD);
  • Submit the Agreement or Addendum for signing by the President of PUCRS, Deans of the Academic Units and/or Directors of the PUCRS Institutes (when necessary) and the Partner Institution;
  • Receive the original versions to be archived by the University and send copies to the participating Unit(s).

Model Agreements and Addenda

General Agreement Model

With Teaching and Research Institutions

With Companies

Student Exchange Addendum Model

Addendum Model for Research Projects and other projects

Cooperative Agreement for Joint Doctoral Dissertation with Double Degree

Agreement/Addendum Proposal Forms

The proposals (forms below) shall be initiated in the Academic Unit and submitted to AAII with the Dean’s signature, together with the Draft Agreement(s)/Addendum(a).

Proposal Form

With Teaching and Research Institutions

With Companies

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Terms of Academic Cooperation?

They are the documents that formalize cooperative activities between PUCRS and other institutions.

What are the types of Terms of Academic Cooperation?

This is a supplementary legal instrument that is an integral part of the main document, and which can be an Agreement, Contract or Protocol. This document contains the clauses or items to be altered by the Term and those that remain in effect. It is used to extend the term of a cooperation agreement, to adjust amounts, or to make any other alterations provided by law, preserving the objective of the main document.

Why do various departments need to work on the draft procedure of the Terms of Academic Cooperation?

To ensure that the document is formulated according to the internal legal and technical procedures of PUCRS, as well as to ensure that the partner institution is registered for historical, statistical and control purposes.

Who can sign the Terms of Academic Cooperation at PUCRS?

Only the President or his legal substitute, specifically, whoever possesses delegated power.

How long does the procedure take for a Term of Academic Cooperation to be signed?

The length of time depends on:

  • The complexity of the cooperation;
  • The correct and complete execution of the procedure, from the beginning

What are the steps in Higher Administration towards signing a document of Academic Cooperation?

After approval by the Academic Unit and submission to AAII, the proposal will be submitted to a number of departments in Higher Administration before its signing, the exact number depending on the complexity of the planned actions and the legal means chosen.

What happens after the signing of the document of Academic Cooperation?

After the originals are signed by the participants, a copy is sent to the partner institution and the Academic Unit(s) involved.