Educational Area

The Museum as an educational space: experiences beyond the classroom. or (51) 3320-3521 ramal 4284

The museum is a space for training and information, and its design provides for the active participation of visitors in an environment where learning Science becomes an exciting experience. To help teachers/educators obtain the best performance from their students at the Museum, suggested tours and activities are created for students of all ages, from preschool to university, providing experiences that go far beyond the classroom.

To that end, a Database of Tours and Activities that can be carried out at the MCT is kept in partnership with PUCRS faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. With individual scheduling, teachers, educators and students are guided by the Museum's educational team in a Pre-visit, which helps them prepare in advance to use the structure provided by the MCT as a pedagogical strategy.

Tips to organize a visit to the Museum

  • Set objectives for the visit
  • To learn about our exhibits and science shows, click here
  • To prepare a tour or other activities, schedule your pre-visit with the staff of the Museum's Educational Office
  • Schedule a visit for your class/group
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers
  • When necessary, request the exhibition map at the Front Desk
  • Listen attentively to announcements of science shows and Minutes of Science
  • Read instructions carefully before interacting with experiments
  • Find our mediators in each area to clarify any doubts
  • Follow safety instructions to prevent accidents during visitation