Lines and Research Structures


Concentration Area

Name Description
Education theories and cultures Seeks to explore the relationship between anthropology, history, philosophy, sociology and education, by discussing political and cultural conditions in education. It brings together theoretical and empirical theories and research, so improving our understanding of the diversity of the human experience in the different processes of development.
Education training, policies and practices Seeks to explore educational processes in different training settings, from socio-political, historical and cultural perspectives, aiming at a critical analysis of policies, training practices, and educational planning in different contexts. It scrutinizes pedagogical practices in several degrees and types of education, enabling insights for decision making regarding changes in society and in the educational process.
People and education Seeks to explore education, and its relationship to health and psychology, as a broad process involved in the development, training and self-development of the person. It involves interdisciplinary studies and research that enhance the pedagogical dimension of the human experience in its interactions with biological, psychosocial, biographical and cultural aspects of contemporary society.

Research Structures