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The Internationalisation of Higher Education in the UK and Brazil: A partnership between Newcastle University and PUCRS is a seminar intended for the promotion of the partnership between PUCRS and Newcastle University which includes de communication of research findings and presenting the idea of internationalization in graduate programs.

This event is the culmination of the first of the project entitled “Internacionalização na Educação Superior: Parceria internacional“ which is intended to foster cutting-edge research and academic practices with both faculty and students in Higher Education, by relying on local and international exchanges, with the goal of pursuing alternatives for communication, management and research practices, in view of the context of cyberculture.

– Discuss internationalization in view of research networks in both the United Kingdom and Brazil;

– Encourage reflection on research and faculty and institutional practices through exchanges between participants;

– Reinforce cooperation, production and dissemination of knowledge on the internationalization of Higher Education.

PUCRS’ graduate-level faculty and students.

The event Internationalisation of Higher Education in the UK and Brazil: A partnership between Newcastle University and PUCRS will occur from May 16, at the Auditorium of Building 9 of PUCRS.


  • Marilia Morosini (PUCRS)
  • Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme (PUCRS)

Organizing committee:

  • Sue Robson (NU)
  • Marilia Morosini (PUCRS)
  • Pricila Kohls dos Santos (PUCRS)

May 16

 9.00  Welcome and opening

Chair: Prof. Draiton Gonzaga, Dean of School of Humanities

 9.20 Panel: Project Coordinators

9.20-9.40 Prof. Marilia Morosini, (Internationalisation in Brazil and hopes /aims for the network)

9.40 -10.00 Prof. Sue Robson (Internationalisation in and of HE:- challenges and possibilities for our network)

Chair: Prof. Carlos Graeff Teixeira, Research Director – PUCRS

 10.00 Prof. Joana Almeida, Developing Intercultural Curricula in European Higher Education: A Missed Opportunity?

Chair: Prof. Bettina Steren dos Santos, Associate Dean School of Humanities

 11.00  Break
 11.15 Prof.a Sue Robson, Approaches and Tools for Internationalisation at Home I

Chair: Prof. Eder Enriqson, Director undergraduate studies

12.15 Lunch

Prof. Steve Walsh, Mixed Methods Research in HE internationalisation

Chair: Prof. Heloisa Delgado, Coord. International Sector PUCRS



If you want to register, please check the instructions very carefully and click on the link below and fill in all required fields in the form.

All participants must register themselves.
Enter your email address in the registration form.




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