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The course will focus on practical strategies and pedagogical techniques to utilize in English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) classes, as well as other issues pertaining to EMI (e.g., language issues, methodology, assessment). In addition, it is hoped that a “community of practice” among EMI professors and support faculty may develop, either formally or informally, as a result of the project.

  • Gain a broad understanding of various issues in EMI as they pertain to internationalization policies and practices
  • Improve confidence, affect attitudes in using English for instruction
  • Build/expand repertoire of best practices in higher education
  • Increase awareness of language and communication, and pedagogical issues related to language and communication
  • Understand key issues in additional language learning/teaching as related to EMI
  • Raise awareness of a variety of issues related to assessment in courses taught through EMI

PUCRS’ faculty members.

The event will take place at PUCRS from Aug 22 to Nov 7, 2019, every Thursday from 5:35 pm to 7:05 pm at Living 360º (Building 15), room 205. (Course load: 24h)

  • Internationalization and English as a Medium of Instruction
  • English as an additional language learning/teaching
  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Assessment options in EMI classrooms
  • Teaching in higher education: Methodologies and practices
  • Reflective teaching

Prof. Dr. Cristina Perna

Cristina Lopes Perna holds a BA in Portuguese-English-French (1981) and a BA in Portuguese-English Literature (1982) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). She has specialization in Applied Linguistics in English (PUCRS, 1983), a Master’s Degree in Letters (PUCRS, 1990) and a PhD in Letters (PUCRS, 2003). She has earned a Sandwich Ph.D. degree from Indiana State University and a postdoctoral degree from Newcastle University -UK (Senior Internship Capes). She has experience in the area of Linguistics, and English and Portuguese as Additional Languages, working mainly in the following subjects: Acquisition of English and Portuguese Language; Pragmatics; Cognitive aspects involved in L2 learning and translation. She is a full-professor of the School of Humanities (Letters) and of the Graduate Program in Letters at PUCRS, in which she coordinates the research group on the Use and Processing of Additional Language (UPLA). She is Editor-in-Chief of the Brazilian English Language Teaching Journal (BELT +), which has Qualis B2 and acts as a Public-Sworn Translator in English-Portuguese. She also coordinates  the Proficiency Exams at PUCRS besides acting as a Tutor of PET-Letras.


Prof. Me. Kerry Pusey

Kerry Pusey received his MA-TESL from Northern Arizona University and is currently a U.S. Department of State sponsored English Language Fellow teaching in Porto Alegre (PUCRS) and São Leopoldo (UNISINOS), Brazil. Kerry has also taught in the United States, Macau, Colombia, Japan, and Thailand. He has contributed articles to English language teaching (ELT) journals and has presented at various international ELT conferences around the world. His professional interests include curriculum development, teaching methodology, language assessment, and instructed second language acquisition.


Prof. Dr. Heloísa Delgado

Heloísa Delgado is an associate professor at the School of Humanities (Course of  Modern Languages), the pedagogical coordinator of LEXIS: the Language Center and the Executive Coordinator of the Office for International Cooperation at PUCRS. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation from PUCRS and two Certificate Program degrees, one in Education Methodology (PUCRS) and another one in Introduction to Terminology (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain). She received her MA in Education from PUCRS and holds a PhD in Language Studies from UFRGS. She has published articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals in the areas of Education, Language Teaching, Terminology, and Translation. She is the manager of the English Teaching Assistant Program (Fulbright/CAPES/PUCRS) and a co-coordinator of the Fellow Project (PUCRS) promoted by the American Consulate. She is also the co-leader of the CorIntEsp (Corpora for Interdisciplinary Studies with emphasis on medical terminology) research group. She is a member of the editorial team of HOW – a Colombian Journal for Teachers of English and the IAFOR Journal of Education. She is also an invited ad hoc reviewer for national and international journals of language teaching and related areas.


Guest speaker: Ana Luiza Pires de Freitas

Ana Luiza Pires de Freitas is a teacher from the Department of Education and Humanities at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre. She holds a PhD in Language Studies (UFRGS) and a Master of Arts degree in Language in the Social Context (UFRGS). She is a teacher of English for Academic Purposes and features various associations with content teachers in courses taught adopting English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI). She is specially interested in the fields of academic teacher development, English as a Medium of Instruction and internationalization of academic education, topics in which she has been hosting inservice courses and workshops in several Brazilian universities for several years.

  • August 22: General information about the course, EMI and internationalization, Needs analysis
  • August 29: Reflective teaching practice
  • September 5: EMI and TESOL
  • September 12: EMI and English for Specific Purposes
  • September 19: Methodologies and practices in higher education: Part I
  • September 26: Methodologies and practices in higher education: Part II
  • October 3: Practicing EMI (Guest Speaker)
  • October 10: Practicing EMI (Guest Speaker)
  • October 17: Assessment options in EMI classrooms: Part I – participants’ perceptions and practices; aspects of assessment and grading criteria
  • October 24: Assessment options in EMI classrooms: Part II – learning-oriented classroom assessment practices and other assessment alternatives
  • October 31: Planning and consolidation
  • November 7: Project presentation and course wrap-up

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Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate issued by LEXIS – Language Center of PUCRS.

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