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PUCRS offers internship opportunities for our international students in companies established at TECNOPUC, our Science and Technology Park, or at partner companies around town.

This is a unique opportunity to have an international experience during your course of study!


Who is eligible?

To be eligible for an internship you must:

  • Be a student at a partner or non-partner institution running exchange programs jointly with PUCRS;
  • Be a student at a partner or non-partner institution wishing to do an internship in a company in Porto Alegre, anytime of the year.


Specific terms

The duration of the internship and working hours will be defined in an agreement between the company and the student. According to the Brazilian legislation, the maximum daily workload to be undertaken is 6 hours;

  • All interns will be entitled to a stipend as well as transportation, in the amount defined by the company. It is usually around USD 235 a month. It is the student’s sole responsibility to cover other expenses;
  • Students are not required to speak Portuguese. Such requirement varies from company to company. Some of them will prefer English-speaking students.


What are the benefits for students?

  • An opportunity to learn about Brazilian companies and their operation;
  • Larger experience in their area of study;
  • Networking;
  • Professional training;
  • Stipend;
  • Support from the University during the entire internship period for finding housing, Amigo Universitário (buddy), Psychological Support Service if needed, access to the Library, etc.;
  • At the end, depending on the type of internship, students may be entitled to a Certificate of Completion stating the total number of hours undertaken and information about the internship, or an Academic Transcript presenting grades and number of credits.


What are the benefits for the Sending Institution?

  • International recognition of the Institution;
  • Better chances for its students to find a job;
  • Expanded international business networking;


For further information, please contact us:
Office of Academic Mobility – PUCRS
0055 51 3353.6044