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University opens major center for audiovisual production

Tecna, PUCRS' Center for Audiovisual Production, meets international standards

02/12/2019 - 09h03

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

Rio Grande do Sul has been home to one of the most complete audiovisual production centers in Brazil and the largest in the South of the country since November 2019. Tecna, PUCRS’ Audiovisual Production Center, coordinated by Dr Aletéia Selonk, offers the national and international markets an infrastructure to meet all the needs of the sector’s productive cycle. Sitting in an area as large as 3,300 m2, it has been designed for the production of films, games, applications, series or advertising purposes.

Located at Tecnopuc Viamão, in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto Alegre, Tecna is equipped with three movie and TV studios and a DOLBY AMOS THX-certified sound mixing studio. The certification came from LucasFilm, a production company that certified studios in view of their standards of dynamics and performance. Tecna features individual areas for image editing, animation lab, games and visual effects and support areas for recordings, such as dressing rooms, production rooms, costume making rooms, woodworking rooms, archives and professional catering. The center brings solutions that optimize production processes, from pre-production to post-production. It can host different productions at the same time.

“Our purpose is to promote the development of the audiovisual production business and support the audiovisual market to tell stories that make a difference. PUCRS believes in the need to support the market. In this perspective, it will be supporting both the creative industry and the culture generate jobs and income,” Aletéia Selonk says.


Br Evilázio Teixeira / Photo: Bruno Todeschini

Tecna received a total investment of BRL 22 million from the university and from federal and state science and technology agencies. It was founded by the government of Rio Grande do Sul and Fundacine. The way the President of PUCRS, Dr Evilázio Teixeira, sees it, Tecna is quite a unique facility.

“PUCRS takes another important step in the creation of a genuinely creative environment with Tecna. In an effort to boost the creative industry and consolidate the audiovisual production of Brazil and Rio Grande do Sul, Tecna also shows the University’s commitment to the area. More importantly, to the people who make this industry grow at the national and international levels”, Br. Dr Evilázio Teixeira says.

Estúdio A Productions

One of Tecna’s studios, Estúdio A, opened in 2017 and hosted independent productions such as the Necrópolis and Alce&Alice, screened by Netflix. In the case of Necrópolis, about 70% of the scenes were recorded inside the studio, and the rest in the nearby areas and outside the Center. More than 30 productions have been recorded at Tecna’s studios, including short, medium and feature-length films, TV series, advertising materials and independent productions from Brazil and Argentina.

Advancing Brazilian Cinema

2018_07_20-tecna_producaoes_gamedivulgacao (1)In 2019, the Tecna Prize was launched. Winners were awarded at the Gramado Film Festival in the categories Best Brazilian Feature Film and Best Feature Film from Rio Grande do Sul. It also featured two categories in the Gramado Film Market interactive contest, a market event held during the festival. Winners will have access to Tecna’s infrastructure and services at no charge. In November, Cine Esquema Novo, a Porto Alegre festival, will receive two Tecna Awards in two categories.