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Undergraduate Research Forum of PUCRS turns 20 featuring successful stories

Event opening marked launch of e-book and Campus Living Lab

26/09/2019 - 08h45

The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies of PUCRS, Dr Carla Bonan. Photo: Bruno Todeschini

In an effort to discuss the challenges and perspectives of scientific research in Brazil, the 20th Undergraduate Research Forum took off on Monday, Sept 23. The event took place at the Theater of Building 40 and drew an audience as large as 500 people, including faculty and students. The Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies of PUCRS, Dr Carla Bonan, gave a talk that challenged the crowd to share the research findings produced at the University. “The role and findings of scientific research are still not clear to the Brazilian society. We are challenged to turn part of production into social innovation“, she said.

As part of efforts to address this challenge, Bonan also highlighted the launch of the Campus Living Lab. The project brings together nine initiatives of social and technological impact developed at the University, which are shared in various areas of the Institution. Carla also highlighted the high quality of PUCRS research is widely recognized. “According to the federal government, our graduate programs are ranked above the average in the country”, she said.

The Vice President also mentioned that the University has as many as 500 research structures serving about 700 fellows. Professor Dr Júlio César Bicca-Marques, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, points out that this structure is the result of the maturity gained over the last decades. “Throughout this time, there have been a number of changes and undergraduate research has become more attractive and more accessible to students”, he said.


Professor Dr Júlio César Bicca-Marques, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research. Photo: Bruno Todeschini

8th semester Biological Sciences major Caroline Zilio Lopes, 21, claims that her experience as an undergraduate research fellow has changed the direction of her career. “I had already worked in other areas, but I am now doing research into microbiology. I found that this is what I love and what I want for my life”, the student said.

Practices and experiences of other undergraduate research fellows have been reported in the commemorative e-book Undergraduate Research Forum of PUCRS: 20 years in 20 successful stories. The compilation features stories of PUCRS Alumni who have had a positive impact by Undergraduate Research on their careers. Journalist José Botelho, biologist Tamiris Salla and criminal expert Luiziana Schaefer made their presences felt to the event and talked to the students. The e-book features both their experiences but also some recommendations to students and undergraduate fellows. The book is free. Click here  to get access to it.