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Teccine students take local cinema to international festivals

Short films “Flores” and “Antes de Lembrar” presented in England and Netherlands

09/02/2018 - 09h15

Short film FloresShort film “Flores”, produced by School of Communication, Arts and Design’s Audiovisual Production program (Teccine) students and alumni is making its presence felt in international festivals. The film was presented in the 2nd Muestra de Cine Queer, in Bucaramanga (Colombia), in the 10th OMOVIES – LGBT Q Film Festival, in Naples (Italy), in the 6th Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2017, in Mumbai (India), and from Feb 23 – 25 will be exhibited at the Watersprite Film Festival, in Cambridge (England). It has laso been exhibited in national festivals, such as the 10th Curta Cabo Frio Festival (RJ), the Criar na Cidade Exhibit (Pelotas/RS), the 3rd FFF – Faina Film Festival (GO) and the Cine MIS – Image and Sound Museum Film Exhibit (SP).

Written and directed by students Vado Vergara and Henrique Bruch, the movie has been produced by Teccine and Pocilga Filmes. Several Teccine students were involved in the areas of executive production, art and casting, among others. Shooting sessions were conducted at two different sites: at PUCRS’ LAB V and, for two other days, at “Ocupação Violeta”. On the other hand, sound and image editing and design took one year after students’ completion of their degrees, in Jul 2016, and were produced by Vergara’s producing company. “PUCRS played a very important role in the production of the movie as the insights provided to the team from the undergraduate training and the assistance provided in the production of the movie were essential, especially because of the neglecting attitude towards culture and other social areas adopted by the governments. We are very thankful we were given the chance to work on the movie, as we were free to decide on its form and content, and also for being able to address such controversial issues in society today”, says he.

Short film Flores

Photo: Grégori Bertó

At Watersprite festival, the film was nominated in the category best cinematography. Vado was invited to represent the movie in person at the event. He will be flying to England on Feb 19. “I was so happy for the recognition of our work. The coolest thing about that are the possibilities that this nomination has offered us and the positive impact this may have on the distribution and popularization of the movie in festivals”, says he. The festival will also include the event Pitch Perfect, for which Vergara has submitted his next project called “Front”. In case it is selected and wins, he will have the chance to present them to BBC and Bankside Films.

The 17-minute film addressed the growth of the major urban centers and the real estate market. It tells the story of two young people that seek to understand the affective relationship between them as people were kicked out of their squats. One of them, a visual artist, shares the apartment with a 70-year old drug addict transgender who seeks professional achievements in another city.

Antes do Lembrar

Short film Antes do LembrarAnother Teccine production made its presence felt overseas. Short film “Antes do Lembrar”, produced by Luciana Mazeto’ and Vinicius Lopes’ Pátio Vazio, was featured at the Bright Future Short of the Festival Internacional de Filmes Rotterdam. The executive production was executed by Leandro Engelke. The event occured from Jan 24 to Feb 4. The 20-minute film addresses storytelling in archaeological sites of the State of Rio Grande do Sul and shows how men re-created the world around them.



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