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Study in Europe Road Show

Students can find out more about studying in Europe as well as scholarships and research

23/03/2017 - 08h03

Countries, FlagsThe German Academic Exchange Service (Daad), in partnership with Campus France Brasil and Nuffic Neso Brazil, will be hosting the event Europe Road Show, on Apr 7, from 11 am to 3 pm, at PUCRS’ School of Communications (Famecos).

The event, which will be offered in eight cities in Brazil, will bring together representatives of European educational institutions and governmental agencies to introduce students to the possibilities of studying in Europe as well as scholarships and research and answer their questions on the topic.

Official agencies and universities from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark among other countries, will be making presentations and assisting students interested in bringing their career to an international level by studying in Europe.