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São Lucas Hospital earns international recognition for the first time

As a pioneering institution in the south of Brazil, HSL earned prestigious health care accreditation

11/02/2019 - 08h39

Q-Mentum - Foto de Notícia_inglêsPUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital (HSL) is constantly changing in an effort to achieve excellence in the health care services provided to its patients. As a pioneering institution in the south of Brazil, the Hospital has earned the Diamond level certification by the Qmentum International Accreditation Program, one of the most rigorous and demanding accreditation programs all over the world. Today, only 100 hospitals in Brazil have been accredited.

The certification looks at the quality of services provided by the hospital in view of internationally recognized excellence standards. “It reflects the maturity of an institution that has been accredited in view of its assistance practices as it meets the highest levels of safety and excellence. Now we are part of a selected group of hospitals certified by the Canadian methodology”, says HSL’s Superintendent, Dr Sérgio Baldisserotto.

This achievement is a response to the Strategic Planning of PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital. The institution intends to earn national and international recognition for the level of assistance provided, the sustainable management processes and, most importantly, for the comprehensive focus on patients. “Our patients are provided assistance in a Hospital that relies on high quality methodology and culture as well as safety and excellence for them and their family members”, says Baldisserotto.

“The accreditation process has made it possible for us to do a variety of things: we could revisit and improve our processes continuously, strengthen the institutional culture and get all staff members and clinical body together, with an eye to providing patients with high quality experiences, making them the center of our attention”, adds Simone Ventura, Assistance Director. HSL is certified with a level 3-accreditation by the Organização Nacional de Acreditação (National Accreditation Organization) – ONA.

The Qmentum Methodology

The methodology QMentum International is based on the use of new and innovative tools that will evaluate and re-structure the work processes. Institutions are evaluated by highly qualified and experienced teams, who are committed to providing benefits to organizations in terms of accessibility, relevance and innovation. All the methods are in line with the principles of Clinical Governance and are used in more than 50 countries from all over the world, including North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

 São Lucas Hospital in numbers:

571 beds

3 delivery rooms

914 staff members

922 medical doctors

94 ICU beds

111 medical offices

19 operating rooms

235 Resident and Multiprofessional Doctors