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Researchers portal now available

Website features comprehensive information about PUCRS professionals

30/01/2019 - 08h35

Printscreen of Researhers PUCRS showing eight major thematic areasIn an effort to advance connections, value the work done by our researchers and advance national and international partnerships, PUCRS has released the portal Researchers. The portal, available in English, features the most relevant information about the professionals committed to research at the Institution. As they are easily accessible on the internet, visitors can do their searches by name, academic area or research structures or theme areas.

The new portal will earn more visibility to the scientific production of PUCRS, which is already known for the quality of its research, and to its highly qualified group of researchers – including renowned scientists in every academic area. Today, PUCRS relies on more than 300 researchers, 570 research structures (among groups, multidisciplinary teams, laboratories, centers and research institutes), that have been working on as many as 2,000 projects; more than 170 of such projects are being developed with international partners.

“We want to open up for new connections and partnerships that bring the quality of the research produced at the University at a higher level. The portal is another incentive to our teaching – both at the undergraduate and graduate level – which is connected to high-quality scientific research, in an effort to find solutions for the global contemporary challenges,” says the Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, Dr Carla Bonan. PUCRS offers 24 Graduate programs, and ranks atop a list of public and private Universities in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Education.