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PUCRS Professor now in the supervision of the International Primatological Society

Julio Cesar Bicca Marques elected Head Secretary for 2018-2022

16/03/2018 - 09h24
Julio Cesar Bicca Marques elected Head Secretary for 2018-2022

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

School of Sciences  professor Dr Julio Cesar Bicca Marques, a specialist in Primatology, has been elected Head Secretary of the International Primatological Society (IPS) for 2018-2022. He will be committed to encouraging regional primatology societies and/or researchers to open their doors to future congresses and provide them with support in the preparation of their proposals. He will take office at the IPS 27th Congress, from Aug 19 – 25, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Bicca Marques has been a member of the society since 1995. He claims that his role as a head Secretary may bring new research opportunities to PUCRS. “In addition to making me and the university more visible in the international primatological scenario, I will be able to work together with a large number of professionals and students from all over the world”, says he.

Marques is the 4th Brazilian to hold a position in the Board of Directors since its foundation, in 1964, following an invitation by the president Karen B. Strier, who held that his name was highly recommended by other IPS members. “As I was running for secretary I stressed the need for a more active participation of professionals and primatology societies in habitat-countries, a more active role to be played by IPS in the conservation of primates and joint actions with publishers of primatology journals towards the creation of a non-financial reward system for frequent ad hoc proofreaders”, says he.

The society is devoted to research and promotion of the conservation of the diversity of primates all over the world (as many as 650 species and subspecies). It is also committed to welfare, ethics, captivity breeding and education as well.