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PUCRS opens its doors to 29 international students and sends 68 others for exchanges overseas

Local and international students cross the borders for international experiences

19/01/2018 - 08h26
Photo: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

Photo: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock

For many students, the beginning of the year is the moment to pack their bags and embark upon an international experience. In the first semester of 2018, PUCRS will be home to 29 exchange students who will be enrolled in Business Administration, Architecture, Social Sciences, Physical Education, Production Engineering, Pharmacy, Gastronomy, History, Journalism, Nutrition, Public Relations, Information Systems and Theology programs.

Overall, students from eight different nationalities (Germany, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, France, England, Mexico and Uruguay) and 15 different universities will be coming to PUCRS. Besides them, 12 other students have decided to stay another semester here. They are from France, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

Additionally, a student from the University of Osnabrück will be coming for the graduate programs in Social Sciences and Business Administration. Also, the institution will be welcoming a free mover student from China (on a program that makes it possible for students from non-partner universities to study here as paying students) and three other students for short-term research activities.

From PUCRS to the world

PUCRS’ outgoing mobility students pay a massive contribution to the internationalization of the university. In this first semester, 68 students will be going to 33 universities in 13 countries: Germany, Canada, Chile, Korea, Spain, USA, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Sweden and Uruguay. These students come from distinct areas such as Business Administration, Architecture and Urbanism, Computer Science, Economic Sciences, Law, Physical Education, Civil Engineering, Production Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Creative Writing, Pharmacy, history, Journalism, Medicine, Psychology, Advertising, Public Relations and Information Systems.

Bernardo Guzinski Haas

Bernardo Haas has chosen Uppsala Universitet as a destination to study

Bernardo Guzinski Haas is a 5th semester Law School student who has chosen Sweden as a destination to study. He arrived there on Jan 12 to study at Uppsala Universitet. “Not only is it one of the oldest universities in Scandinavian cities, being founded in 1477, even before Brazil was discovered, but also it has one of the most recognized Law School programs”, says he.

At the age of 19, he embarks upon his first international trip. Before he chose his destination, he talked to people who have been to Sweden and to other Uppsala students to learn more about the country and the university. Haas, who will be staying in a homestay, wants to specialize in international law and bring the best Swedish practices of administration of law firms to Brazil. “I also want to brush up my English, be really fluent, learn the basics of Swedish and met a lot of people from all over the world”, says he.

Academic Mobility

The Academic Mobility Program, run by the Office of International and Institutional Affairs, is proud to announce that another round of academic mobility programs will be available to students on Feb 16. 46 universities abroad will be opening their doors to PUCRS students in the second semester of 2018. To follow are the countries where the program is offered: Argentina, Germany, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal and Uruguay. Information about requirements, documentation, number of seats, institutions and selection criteria will be available on the Academic Mobility website. Further information about the selection process will be made available soon.


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