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PUCRS opens doors to contemporary dance show

Institution to be home to Happi – A Tristeza do Rei on Sept 18 - 19

10/09/2019 - 08h42

2019_09_03-pucrs_cultura-agenda-happiemmanuel_tussore-ernest_sarino_mandapOn Sept 18 – 19, at 7 PM, PUCRS will be home to the contemporary dance show Happi – A Tristeza do Rei from France. The event is featured in the 26th edition of Porto Alegre em Cena at the theater of Building 40. The impressive performance is the fruit of the collaboration between two notable African artists based in France: Cameroon-born interpreter and choreographer James Carlès and Algeria-born choreographer Heddy Maalem.

The show features a powerful choreography, including elements of Carlès’ memories and history, as he depicts a king named Happi. Carlès is currently engaged in developing research into the black diaspora. The choreography embodies aspects of trauma and finitude, as it explores the sadness of this African king. At the same time, we can see the performer fighting with all his might. Yet he succumbs amid a symbolic white scenario.

2019_09_03-pucrs_cultura-agenda-a_ira_de_narcisomarcelo_almeidaThe University will also be home to a Brazilian production, A ira de Narciso. The play starts at 7 PM on Sept 14 – 15. Drawing insights from Sergio Blanco’s self-fiction perspective, the first-person monologue reports the author’s life in the city of Ljubljana, where he was invited to give a lecture on Narcissus. Being set in the luxurious room 228 of the hotel where the author is staying, the play depicts the final moments of preparation for this conference as it tells us about the different encounters with a Slovenian boy he had just met. After he finds a bloodstain on the carpet, the story takes a different turn as he shifts from the accounts of professional travel and love affairs to an obscure and unusual thriller. The play blends lecture, and confession, in a fascinating and risky journey that takes spectators into a confusing maze of self, language, and time. It is directed by Yara de Novaes, and features Gilberto Gawronski.


Tickets are available to the PUCRS community at the price of BRL 80.00 on uhuu.com or at Shopping Total. PUCRS Community includes PUCRS students, alumni, faculty and staff (Sports Park, Tecnopuc, ediPUCRS, Fijo and interns, São Lucas Hospital and BraIns).

Porto Alegre em Cena

In 2019, Porto Alegre em Cena advanced discussions about Brazil, about who we are and the future of humanity, in an effort to address other issues and foster relations between nature and humans. “The presence of bodies, not only human, but bodies of nature, is intended to give other actors a central role in the major achievements in life and merge their differences in an effort to give them the right value are some of the festival’s discussion proposals this year. We want to get the audience to reflect upon humanity and our strengths and weaknesses, ” Fernando Zugno adds. This year, PUCRS, through its Institute of Culture, is a supporter of the 26th edition of Porto Alegre em Cena – Festival internacional de artes cênicas.