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PUCRS joins the World Global Forum for Ageing Populations

International Specialization Program in Clinical Geriatrics is another highlight of the institution

29/01/2018 - 09h00
IGG's Founder, Yukio Morigushi

IGG’s Founder, Yukio Morigushi, was paid tribute to
Photo: Personal Archive

PUCRS was proud to offer several actions of the III World Global Forum for Ageing Populations, from Jan 22 – 26, at Porto Alegre. The event served to discuss the relationship between human ageing and public policies and features workshops, dance classes, seminars and lectures. The actions occurred at the University’s Sports Park. At the beginning of the event, tribute was paid to Professor Yukio Morigushi, a geriatrician and founder of PUCRS’ Institute of Geriatrics and Gerontology (IGG), by the Forum’s President, Lélio Falcão.

Since 2015, Porto Alegre has been certified an “Age-friendly City” as it has met the criteria stated by the World Health Organization in the Global Guide for Age-friendly Cities. Intent on providing training for medical doctors towards the promotion of health, prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the main diseases that occur during ageing, PUCRS is proud to offer an international specialization program in Clinical Geriatrics.

The program has been offered three times already and is promoted through a partnership of the IGG with the School of Medicine of the Universidade do Porto (FMUP), from Portugal. Classes are offered online and registrations are open until Mar 12. The program, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC), starts on Apr 13 and has a length of 1 year. For further information about the program, please contact pgmdgeg@med.up.pt or phone 3353-6050.


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