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PUCRS 360º introduces the University in transformation

Movement introduces innovations in undergraduate studies, teaching environments and campus life

26/10/2017 - 13h33

PUCRS 360More autonomy for students during their academic life, new training paradigms for a unique academic experience and more areas to study and enjoy the campus life are some of the things that are part of PUCRS’ transformative actions and will take effect in 2018. The projects are embraced by a movement called PUCRS 360º – University in transformation.

Students had their voices heard in the implementation of the project. The movement will, among other things, reinforce the university’s role in providing the comprehensive understanding of people and education; its identity as a global, plural and multiple institution that deals with all areas of knowledge and the actions geared towards the new academic structures, in which the programs are offered by Schools, towards the maximization of the cross-sectional nature and integration between the areas of knowledge.

The initiatives, which have been around since 2014, have resulted from thorough investigations, conducted by interdisciplinary teams, in view of national and international models of reference. “The plan is a consequence of our strategic position and our identity. Besides, it reflects our constant quest for a new form of education for a new society”, claims PUCRS’ president, Br Evilázio Teixeira.

PUCRS 360The four pillars of PUCRS 360º are as follows:

  • Learning autonomy

Students will have the chance to choose the courses they want to take (the implementation will be gradual), in view of their abilities and interests. The programs will be organized in core curriculum courses which, when combined, will provide students with a dynamic, innovative and continued training towards the completion of their minors and majors.

  • Comprehensive training

Encouragement to entrepreneurial training during the undergraduate life is another new feature PUCRS has put together for 2018. This initiative is in line with the expansion of the humanistic training, which prepares students for a world of swift transformations and changes in the concepts of labor, employment and career.

  • Different teaching methods

Teaching will be guided by research, as students will be the agents of their own learning and be encouraged to think up solutions for real challenges that generate social impact.

  • Campus remodeling

The entire Campus has been conceived to be a learning environment. New areas and services, classrooms, laboratories and communal areas (including Rua da Cultura, featuring activities open to the public) will be progressively remodeled, following the principles of flexibility for use and remodeling of buildings, as well as connectivity an atmosphere of social life and engagement.

New Schools

By the end of the year, PUCRS will be organized in eight different schools, bringing together the areas of knowledge and the undergraduate and graduate programs. The changes will generate more interdisciplinarity, training opportunities, student autonomy and more management efficiency. The programs are organized in the following Schools:



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