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Psychology professor delivers lecture at UN event

Dr Lilian Stein discussed the scientific foundations of investigative interviewing and torture practices

03/10/2017 - 10h30

Lilian Stein na ONUProfessor of PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Psychology, Dr Lilian Milnitsky Stein, spoke at the event “Torture during Interrogations – Illegal, Immoral, and Ineffective“, at the UN, on Sept 22, during the 72nd session of UN’s General Assembly. The invitation came in recognition of her pioneering work, that have been developed for more than 15 years, on issues related to the collection of legal testimonials and depositions, as well as scientifically-based investigative interviewing techniques.

The event was attended by agents and representatives of several countries as Andrew Gilmour, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, served as a mediator. Strategies to prevent torture and other coercive practices in interrogations were among the topics of discussion. Dr Stein discussed the scientific fundamentals that underlie the best practices in investigative interviews, in view of the improvements observed over the last 30 years in Investigative Psychology research. She also discussed torture practices employed by the CIA under the “Enhanced Interrogation Program”, such as those that many of the Guantánamo prisoners were subject to.

“This kind of event sheds light onto a largely unexplored area in our country when it comes to bringing science and investigative practices together, especially as to interviews with suspects, witnesses and victims”, comments Lilian. The event was organized by the United Nations Human Rights Office of High Commissioner, with support from the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law of the American University Washington College of Law, of Convention Against Torture Initiative and of United Nations Police (Unpol).


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