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MIT Professor talks about trends in mobile technology

Federico Casalegno talked about mobile experience trends and future interfaces

14/12/2017 - 08h12
Federico Casalegno

Photo: Camila Cunha

Dr Federico Casalegnofrom the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)delivered a lecture in partnership with  PUCRS’ Laboratory of Research in Mobility and Media Convergence (Ubilab) on Dec 8. In his session, he talked about mobile experience trends and future interfaces.

Casalegno is the founder and director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab (MEL)a world reference in Mobile Internet research, communication settings and interactive experience design. The center has developed projects in partnership with companies and universities from all over the globe. Ubilab and the School of Communications, arts and Design have a 10-year history of collaboration with MEL, and the most recent action is a study on the Millennials generation and its relationship with internet services.

Casalegno began his lecture by presenting the main values and concepts his institution is founded upon. The focus on understanding how humans connect to technology is one of such values and concepts. His research is mostly intended to foster the understanding of how people use objects and interact with them. Additionally, he showed some examples of research done in his laboratory and other investigations in collaboration with PUCRS’ Ubilab. This event marked the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between MIT and PUCRS.

According to Ubilab’s coordinator, Prof. Eduardo Pellanda, the event was an opportunity to introduce the academic community and Tecnopuc companies to the MIT Mobile Experience Lab projects, with an eye to new cooperation opportunities. In his opinion, this is very important. “In addition to boosting PUCRS’ reputation, as one of the best teaching and research institutions all over the globe, this exchange of experiences is of utmost importance for the development of our research and classroom practice. We have been strongly committed to it for over a decade and we are making every effort to strengthen our bonds”, says he.