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Find out the activities to integrate international students at PUCRS

Portuguese language program at no charge, bus tour around town as well as local culture workshops and events featured in the program

09/01/2019 - 08h37

2018_foto_geral_(mariana_haupenthal)PUCRS cares a lot about its international students and, because of that, puts together multiple and diversified programs for them to have a unique and striking mobility experience. It is also keen to provide training sessions to Brazilian students to be paired up with internationals every semester, under the Programa Amigo Universitário (University Buddy).

In 2018, PUCRS opened its doors to 94 international students for an academic mobility program. They came from 17 countries, and had the chance to find out more about the structure of the University and take part in welcoming activities that were intended to get prepared to academic life.

The program Portuguese for International Students is offered at no charge in the two weeks that precede the beginning of the scholastic semester and gives internationals the chance to learn more about the Campus and other international students. In 2019, the program will be offered from Feb 11-22, and will consist of classroom work and several activities in the afternoon, and a monthly program to bring international students, university buddies and the Academic Mobility team together.


Audiovisual Studies workshop

In 2018, in addition to the language and Brazilian culture courses, several other integration activities took place in different areas of PUCRS, such as the Audiovisual Studies workshop at the School of Communications, Arts and Design and a workshop on flight simulators in the Aeronautical Sciences program. The new arrivals also did a tour around the Science and Technology Museum of PUCRS, an activity at the Creativity Laboratory and another at the Sports Park.

Throughout the semester, students and the Academic Mobility team joined forces in several events. These included the opening of the 2018 World Cup, a traditional Semana Farroupilha dinner, the festa junina and the boat trip around Porto Alegre, as well as welcome and farewell cocktails.

For further information about academic mobility at PUCRS, please send an email to mobilidade.in@pucrs.br. Check out the presentation about the University and the services for international students.