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Sophocles’ ANTIGONE on campus

Andrea Beltrão to come to Porto Alegre on Aug 6

18/07/2019 - 09h01

2019_07_17-antigona907x550On Aug 6, at 8 PM, the play Antigone brings actress Andrea Beltrão to Porto Alegre. The theater of Building 40 of PUCRS will be opening its doors to 14-rated 60-minute play. After the performance, directed by Haddad, the actress will talk to the audience.

In this story, Antigone is a young princess who defies the order of King Creon to leave her brother behind. She wanted to give him, who fought in the war, a proper burial but was ordered not to. The act of disobedience to the king’s orders cost her own life. This saw the beginning of the confrontation between citizens and State. The story is set in Thebes and was written 2,500 years ago by Sophocles. It was so successful back then that the people of Athens offered the author to govern Samos, one of the Greek islands. Unlike the original, which evolved from myth to drama, Haddad’s and Andrea’s version of Antigone evolves from drama to the myth, after which the show is named.

In Andrea’s view, the play is about narratives that shuffle emotions by going straight to heart, memory, and feelings. “How can a text written 2,500 years ago tell you exactly how I feel now? It is not us who read the Greek tragedy, it is the Greek tragedy that reads us. So we don’t need to be afraid of not understanding it. It is part of us, it enriches us, it questions us, it demands that we try harder, ” she says.

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