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Maria Bethânia to win Mérito Cultural PUCRS

Singer to return to stage in new concert at Commencement Hall

01/07/2019 - 08h55

2019_06_28-Maria-Bethaniajorge_bispoOne of the greatest singers in Brazilian history, Maria Bethânia will be awarded with Mérito Cultural PUCRS, on November 5, at the University’s Commencement Hall. The singer is returning to stage with the new tour Claros Breus. She will be performing new songs by artists such as Adriana Calcanhoto, Chico César, Roque Ferreira and Flávia Wenceslau. The concert will mark the reopening of the Commencement Hall and will be her only performance in Rio Grande do Sul.

The Director of the Institute of Culture of PUCRSRicardo Barberena, views the honor to be given to Maria Bethânia as a response to her five decades of contributions to Brazilian culture. “Since the beginning of her career with the concert Opinião, Bethânia has become the greatest ambassador of the Portuguese language: she has brought literature and performing arts together. With her innovative repertoire, either solo or with Doces Bárbaros, she always lived up to expectations. In every new show and in each new album, she challenged her voice, her performance and her audience. An iconic figure among samba and erudite musicians, she always had a sense of her own identity, as she was able to navigate across different genres”, he adds.

Still, in Barberena’s view, Bethânia turns 73 with a blend of music, drama, literature and reflection. “There has been a number of shows, documentaries and books on her: she is, above all, a reason for us Brazilians to be proud”, he says.

About Mérito Cultural PUCRS

Mérito Cultural PUCRS, as stated in PUCRS’ Statute and By-laws, epitomizes PUCRS’ recognition of a cultural exponent, at the institutional level. It is always given to people who have dedicated their lives to stand up for culture, as an instrument of humanization and education. As an yearly event, the Mérito Cultural PUCRS is one of the several actions that are intended to make the University into a cultural center.

Fernanda Montenegro first artist to be awarded

In 2018, actress Fernanda Montenegro was awarded with Mérito Cultural PUCRS. At the event, Fernanda performed Nelson Rodrigues’ works. Her reading was an adaptation of the eponymous book organized by the daughter of Nelson, Sônia Rodrigues. The event was one out of the many actions that celebrated the 70th anniversary of PUCRS and was attended by more than 1,500 people. She had an autograph session of the production Fernanda Montenegro: itinerário fotobiográfico, which is a personal and professional account of her seven-decade long career.


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